Why Disney?  
If you’re a Disney fan, enthusiast, or simply just enjoy the parks you’ve undoubtedly heard the age old question, “Why Disney?” While most of our minds jump to a specific restaurant or an attraction we’ve boarded hundreds of times that always puts a smile on our face, it’s hard not to think there has to be more to it then just that.
No, I don’t think I’ve figured out exactly what it is, but at the same time it’s something that can be understood and felt in a way that very few completely understand. There’s a certain “joy” manifested in the parks that seems to overwhelm everyone that walks through the gates.You can be sad, upset, or worried about any number of things in life, but for some reason all of those things simply drift away as soon as you get to the parks.
While for many all of this seems like something that only happens in dreams, many of you recognize and understand that exact feeling. To a certain extent I believe it’s one of the many things that keeps each and every one of us coming back. Yes, there have been price increases and changes that aren’t always welcomed, but no matter what, those of us who know that feeling will do anything we can to get back to experience it all over again.
There’s nothing quite like it, but for some reason or another the feeling is familiar in a way that can only be described as being a kid again. The worries of life slip away, and for just a few hours or even a few days everything seems to be perfect in an unbelievable way. The lines get long, the parks get crowded, but at the same time whenever those situations arise, there’s honestly no place any of us would rather be.
So many people have said over the years that a bad day fishing is better then a good day anywhere else. A day at Disney is the same in so many ways. It can rain the entire day, but at the end of the night look around you and see how many people still have a huge smile on their face. It’s the only place in the world that you can be completely soaked and loving every minute of it. Of course, most of us prefer those sunny days Florida is notorious for, but even on the worst of days, we never want to leave!
That feeling of pure joy is something that isn’t always found everyday in today’s world, but at Disney it seems like it will never be lost. However, I always like to say that it’s not about the place, but rather the people. Attractions come and go, but the opportunity to enjoy friends, family, and experiences in the parks is something that will never change.
So, next time someone asks you the question of, “Why Disney?”, try not to go straight to your favorite attraction, but rather to the memories that will always be with you from your time in the parks. Disney gives us something that each and every one of us searches for, the ability to create memories and relive experiences that no other place provides.
Every aspect of the Disney company hits home with theme park guests in a way that takes us back to something we search for in life, the ability to be a kid again, but also to relive memories that made us who we are today.
While some of what I’ve said may not hit home with those of you planning a Disney vacation, hopefully it gives you something to look forward to. Each returning Disney guest knows the feelings a Disney vacation invoke and for those of you wondering, that is, “Why Disney?” That truly is what it’s all about. It’s a look on a family members face walking down Mainstreet, a game you make up on the bus to the parks, a night around the campfire at a resort, or even the simple memory of being with family and being perfectly content. Disney isn’t the perfect vacation destination, but at the same time the memories created there are the key to the entire destination. Disney doesn’t always get everything right, but they did get one thing right, “unforgettable happens here”.
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