20 Walt Disney World Foods That You Should Try At Least Once! 
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If you’ve been reading this site for any amount of time, you know we’re no strangers to good Disney food. Dining at Walt Disney World is a key aspect of the vacation experience. Not only do the parks offer some of the typical food of amusement parks that we’ve all come to know and love, but they have also started thinking outside of the box and have developed so many items that are uniquely “Disney.” So, with that, here’s 20 Disney Foods Everyone Should Try At Least Once! At the end of the article, if we missed your favorite be sure to share it with us in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter! Have pictures of your favorite food item? Share them with us on social media! We might just share them on our page!  

1. Cronut 

-The cronut was sort of an instant classic. While technically Disney calls it a Croissant Donut to avoid confrontation with the originators of the creation, the wonderful taste still remains. A Cronut is essentially an extremely flakey fried donut topped with a coating of cinnamon sugar. While that sounds good on paper, trust me, it’s way better in person! If you’re looking to make a great treat even better, Disney offers the flakey creation topped with soft serve ice cream. While these are quite popular, they are somewhat difficult to find in the parks. If you want to get your hands on one head on over to Epcot and make a stop at the Refreshment Port along the front side of the World Showcase! You won’t regret it!    

2. Casey’s Corn Dog Nuggets
-As a Main Street U.S.A staple for years Casey’s Corner has become a bit of a tradition for guests of all ages. The main draw has always been the enormous hot dogs the location cooks up day after day, but there’s a tasty treat that every Disney fan must try, the Corn Dog Nuggets! No doubt, you’ve all tried a corndog before. Fortunately, there’s something different about a Casey’s corndog nugget. While it could just be the atmosphere or the plentiful portion size, these delightful creations always end up on my plate at some point throughout a day in the Magic Kingdom.

3. Pot Roast Macaroni and Cheese
-Now we’re headed for a Magic Kingdom exclusive creation. Over at the Friar’s Nook, just outside of New Fantasyland, near the exit to The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, be sure to stop by for a delightfully odd combination. Disney offers this unique item at only one location throughout the parks. While it seems odd, the combination really nails the ultimate savory dish. While the location isn’t the best in regards to seating, the walk up style counter service option is hard to pass up! Try it, share it (or don’t), and let me know what you think!   

4. Ample Hill’s Creamery

-As one of Disney’s newest additions, Ample Hill’s is a welcomed addition to the offerings at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. The location offers unique ice cream flavors that are creative, tasty, and ultimately one-of-a-kind! The atmosphere is great and the Boardwalk offers some of the most picturesque views in all of Walt Disney World. If you don’t want to make the journey over to the resort just for dessert, schedule a night at Epcot and make the short 5-10 minute walk over to Ample Hill’s Creamery for a dessert before viewing Illuminations! Tip: If you’ve seen Illuminations before, avoid the crowds and experience the magic of watching the show from the Boardwalk itself. It may not be the perfect view of the entire show, but it’s a unique experience to see the effects shimmering off of the water. Be sure to check out some of the pop-up shows on the Boardwalk while you’re there!      

5. Puffed French Toast
-This is one item even some of the hard-core Disney enthusiasts may not have even tried. As a part of The Crystal Palace’s breakfast, this is one of the best breakfast items in all of the parks. For me, that’s certainly a bold statement. However, there’s nothing quite like this unique creation. Disney refers to it as a type of French Toast, but honestly it’s more like a donut that anything else. Essentially, puffed french toast is a fluffy ball of dough rolled in a light cinnamon sugar type powder. I can guarantee you, its certainly as good as it sounds! At the moment, I believe these are only offered at Crystal Palace, but be sure to correct me if they’ve crept up at other dining locations. If you do go to Crystal Palace for breakfast (the cheapest meal offering at the dining location), be sure to take your appetite! The buffet is seemingly endless, but be sure to check out the kid’s section for this unique Disney treat!     

6. The Kitchen Sink
-Over at the Yacht and Beach Club’s Beaches & Cream dining location you can find one of the greatest challenges in Disney dining, the Kitchen Sink. This monstrous sundae is easily the largest sundae on property, even dwarfing it’s neighbor the Dolphin Resort’s multi-scoop concoction at The Fountain! As the name implies, this dish is served in a giant “Kitchen Sink.” As if that isn’t enough, the sundae features… well, here’s a video explaining it:

7. The Fountain’s Soft Serve Ice Cream 
-Over at the previously mentioned Dolphin Resort (just steps from The Boardwalk and The Yacht and Beach Club) lies one of “Disney’s” hidden secrets. If you’re wondering why Disney is in quotes, it’s simply because this restaurant really isn’t owned by Disney at all, but is actually located on Disney property as a result of the contractual obligations with the Swan and Dolphin Resorts. With that being said, that doesn’t make it any less worthy of the list. Just inside the downstairs entrance to the Dolphin, look for a big glowing sign that says The Fountain. It will usually have a line of guests picking up ice cream at their walk up counter or waiting for a table at their equally impressive and semi-budget friendly sit down dining location. Head on over to either of the dining options and try to overlook some of the other great dessert offerings in order to try the soft serve ice cream. I know what you’re thinking, “Really? Soft Serve!” Trust me, this is the most rich and creamy soft serve you will ever taste! Don’t just believe me, try it for yourself, you will certainly enjoy it!   

8. Caramel Corn in the Germany Pavilion 
-Once again, for many, this may be another “hidden gem” of the Disney parks. This delectable treat comes straight from Karamell-Küche at Epcot’s Germany pavilion. If you’ve been there yourself, you know exactly what kind of sensory overload this place can create! From the quaint atmosphere, to the smell of rich warm caramel being used to create wonderful treats, to even trying one of the delightful creations for yourself, you truly can’t go wrong with a snack here! However, the crown jewel of the establishment is the caramel coated popcorn. While we’ve all certainly tried the creation elsewhere, there’s something about a warm bag of caramel corn that just brings a smile to your face!   

9. Jumbo Turkey Leg
-No Disney food list is complete without a nod to a Disney classic, the Turkey Leg! For years, this salt loaded carnivorous treat has been a staple of the Disney parks. Trying one for yourself is sort of a “right of passage” for the Disney connoisseur! There’s nothing quite like it and its just one of those things that puts a big smile on your face! It’s tasty, it’s iconic, it’s jumbo sized food, what else could you ask for!     

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10. Goofy’s Candy Company Custom Creations

-Once again, unless you are a die-hard Disney fan, you may have never experienced this item on our list for yourself. Of course, you certainly should at some point! To try one of these custom creations, head on down to Disney Springs and make your way to Goofy’s Candy Company. At the very back of the store (if you enter from the side facing the Christmas Shop), look for a little card next to the register with a list of items on it. Grab a list and pick the item you want to customize (I always go for the custom Mickey Rice Crispy Treat). After you do that, you get to continue on and pick the type of chocolate dip, a chocolate drizzle, and even a list of toppings to add on top of all that! Surprisingly, as great of an option as this is for dessert, the line is typically quite manageable and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch the cast members develop your creation right in front of you. 

11. Empeñadas 
-Empeñadas are a fun option for any meal and a great option to share with friends or family as you eat your way around the world at Epcot’s World Showcase (hopefully I’m not the only one that does that)! This clever menu item is offered exclusively at La Cantina De San Angel at the Mexico pavilion. Essentially, these are a little pocket of dough filled with melted cheese and topped with a delightful sauce. They sound simple, but trust me, they taste outstanding. Pair them with a nacho from the same location and you have a great meal for two as you start (or end) your journey along the promenade.        

12. Dole Whip 
-Chances are, if you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, you’ve tried this tasty pineapple treat or know someone who raves about them. Dole Whip is the definition of a classic Disney treat. While the concept itself is simply a pineapple flavored soft serve, it’s so much more that that when you try one for yourself. The flavor is easily distinguishable from any type of ice cream you’ve ever experienced. It’s nearly perfect in every way. However, you may want to be aware that this iconic creation can only be found at a few select locations: Aloha Isle in Fantasyland, Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian, and Tamu Tamu Refreshments over in Animal Kingdom! As one of the rare treats that has become synonymous with Disney, no trip is complete without a Dole Whip!     

13. Tonga Toast
-While we’re mentioning the Polynesian, be sure to consider breakfast at Kona Cafe on your next trip to the parks. Kona is one of those simple meals that often gets overlooked in exchange for character meals and buffets. With that being said, it does make securing a reservation to try this item on our list quite a bit easier! Tonga toast is another Disney exclusive. The dish itself features a huge slab of toast which has been cooked to a light crisp, coated in a cinamon-sugar substance, and then artfully filled with bananas. Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Who really knows!  

14. The Canyon Skillet 
-The Canyon Skillet may be my personal favorite item on this list! Honestly, it’s hard for me to even give this gem away! To try it, be sure to make a reservation for Whispering Canyon over at the Wilderness Lodge Resort (minutes from Magic Kingdom). Once you get there, the featured item on the menu will be The Canyon Skillet. The skillet is quite literally a giant cast iron skillet that is brought to your table and functions as a bottomless family style meal. Depending on what time of day you go, the skillet features: mashed potatoes, ribs, rotisserie chicken, sausage, cowboy beans, cornbread, pulled pork, and corn on the cob. Everything tastes great and the atmosphere is fun for all ages. Prepare to laugh, prepare to have fun, and prepare to never leave hungry! This is a must-do for any Disney vacation. Surprisingly, reservations are typically plentiful all year long!      

15. Popcorn on Main Street 

-When visiting the Magic Kingdom, this is the first thing you’ll smell when get there and the last thing you experience on your way out. It truly completes the sensory experience that is Main Street U.S.A. Of course, popcorn is sold throughout the park in multiple locations, but there’s just something special about ordering it from the little cart by the train station. It simply feels right. You can sit back and take in the scenery, explore the history of the windows of Main Street, prepare for a parade, or find a spot for the Wishes! nighttime fireworks spectacular. It’s just one of the simple joys of Main Street that makes you appreciate all the intricate details put into every little aspect of the Disney experience. It’s hard to explain, but once you try it, you just “get it.”        

16. The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (the “real” one) 
-You may have heard me talk about this one a few times before, but it’s certainly worthy of this list! The ice cream cookie sandwich is another typically overlooked treat. Skip the ones at the ice cream carts and head straight to Main Street for the real deal. At The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, head to the counter and order an ice cream cookie sandwich. You get to pick your flavor, and when it’s brought over to you, you won’t believe your eyes. The cookie sandwich is a 2 to 3 inch thick creation of ice cream wedged between two gigantic cookies! It’s wonderful, it’s unique, and it’s one of the best uses of a snack credit imaginable on the dining plan!  

17/18. Po’ Boys and Beignets at Port Orlean’s Floatworks and Food Factory 
-Here’s what I’ll say about this one, you have to try this location! This is one of the best “hidden gems” in all of Walt Disney World and it just became even better! A recent remodel added even more great choices to the menu, and it certainly does not disappoint. On the dining plan it is one of your best counter service offerings hands down. You can walk right up to the lobby from the resort guest parking with no hassle or time stamped parking allotments, and the atmosphere rounds out the wonderful food. However, if I had to pick one menu item to get and one dessert it would be the Po’ Boy Sandwich of the day and a Beignet offering for dessert. Both are absolutely incredible at their price point and only sold at Floatworks. For those of you who do not know about this great dining location, be sure to check out our recent review and informational post here-> (Disney Dining Hidden Gem: Floatworks) (click to view)
19. Citrus Swirl 
-In many ways, Citrus Swirl is the less iconic sibling of Dole Whip. It’s a wonderful treat but overshadowed by a legendary alternative a few short steps away. Don’t let that stop you from trying a Citrus Swirl though! It’s a different flavor, but also a favorite of many guests that has ultimately stood the test of time in Adventureland. Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to look for the Orange Bird that has become the icon of the Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace!    

20. Mickey Rice Crispy Treats 
-Why not end this list with a classic? The Mickey Rice Crispy Treat is legendary! Simply put, it’s a typical sticky marshmallow treat, but something about these Mickey shaped versions makes them simply outstanding. I’m not sure if it’s the environment, or simply the joy of knowing you have to be in Disney to get one, but these seem to have a distinctly delightful taste to them! Call me crazy if you want, but there’s something different for sure!       

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