A New Gier Ness Fragrance is Coming to the Norway Pavilion! 

by: guide4wdw – Collin
Disney’s Norway Pavilion at Epcot has become known over the years for its distinct scent as a result of the fragrances sold at the Puffin’s Roost. While the scent became synonymous with the store, it actually has a much greater Norwegian backstory that simply the Epcot Pavilion. Gier Ness, a native of Oslo, Norway, created a unique fragrance that embodies the full experience of nature in Norway that users can experience without ever leaving the United States. 
The original two scents were Gier for men and Laila for women. According to Ness, the Laila perfume (which is widely popular with Epcot guests) was inspired by his mother and truly brings a special element to the scent. While the fragrance is certainly popular, only Epcot and a few select Nordstrom Department Stores carry the product in their inventory.  
However, in a surprising change, Gier Ness is releasing a new fragrance which appears to be exclusive to the Disney Parks and the Disney Cruise Line. The new scent, also based off of elements of Norway, attempts to capture the film ‘Frozen’ in a one of a kind scent. The fragrance, named ‘Frozen in a bottle,’ supposedly captures the essence of the film and its cohesive involvement with nature. The scent, according to Ness, was designed to showcase the nature exhibited within the film rather that the princesses. 
For those of you who may not already know, the attraction which dumps guests out into this store was recently redesigned from Maelstrom to Frozen Ever After. As a result, the attraction has become significantly more popular, yet many still miss it’s Maelstrom origins. 
As an added bonus, with the fragrance debuting at Epcot tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1st, Gier Ness will be at the retail location singing autographs and meeting with theme park guests. This will continue on into the weekend, ending Sunday! If you’ve never had the opportunity to meet Gier, be sure to check this out. His personality is great and you can truly see that he appreciates the opportunity to meet with guests.
The new scent is going to sell for $70 for the 3.4-ounce variation and $50 for the 1.7-ounce variation. I have a feeling these may go quickly if stocks are not extremely prevalent, so be sure to go early and grab yours if you’re interested. 
Have you ever used Gier Ness fragrances? Let us know what you think down below!
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(Source: Orlando Sentinel) 

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