A Unique Perspective: The Creation of a New Concept by Walt Disney 
by: guide4wdw – Collin
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Walt Disney was undoubtedly one of the greatest visionaries of all time, and his distinct legacy continues on through the outstanding organization his original ideas have helped create. However, have you ever wondered how taking that first risk to build a new concept for theme parks grew into what it has become today. How did he get people “on board” with the idea at first and ready to take on something completely new? Honestly, this got me thinking and I might as well share those thoughts with you! 

Walt essentially tried something new, but for many people new things can be difficult to adapt or “awkward” to understand and appreciate at first. And, while obviously the first park (Disneyland) was a great success, it’s hard not to wonder how he managed to make something completely out of the ordinary so main stream and sought after. Of course, he was extraordinarily inventive and creative, but overcoming that first barrier of something completely new still had to be a factor in his enormous success. So, that got me thinking with some help of the internet. 

The entire concept of being “awkward,” “new,” or “out of place,” hinges on the perception of the individual. In most cases, when we recognize a situation as out of the ordinary, we tend to play it over and over in our heads thinking about what went wrong and how the other person or group of people may think about us as a result. While, in reality that person is more focused on themselves that the awkward action(s) you may or may not have committed. Each of us do the same thing. We replay that situation in our heads assuming the other person is doing the same which is rarely the case!  Most people around us are so busy with the intricate web of their own lives that the simple unfortunate situation gets overlooked. 

Now, before I get too off topic, I truly believe that Walt was able to recognize that fact and as a result translate his dream into a reality knowing that no matter how obscure or new and unique his idea may be, people won’t worry about the idea as much as how it would affect their individual lives. They would have a new experience to look forward to rather that a reason to criticize it’s developer. In creating the place of his dreams he was able to develop a park that people wanted to see for themselves not matter how out of the ordinary it may be!  

In a similar way, Walt managed to develop a place where this concern for what other people think of us or what other people view as awkward essentially goes away. You can be a grown man dancing down Main Street U.S.A having the time of your life and nobody will take a second look. While this might simply be a result of the joy they are experiencing themselves, it’s certainly interesting to realize that a vast majority of our lives could be lived that same way, the Disney way. Walt created this concept intentionally or possibly unintentionally where people are so happy about what’s happening around them that they simply don’t care how people view them. To me, this is simply amazing to think about. 

However, in reality, this is one of the many things that so many of us love about the Disney parks. They allow us to escape reality and the thoughts of the world around us for a brief moment in time. It’s amazing what these moments can create and the joy that these parks bring to guests of all ages each and every day! 

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