Disney Debuts “Gaston” Clip for the Upcoming Beauty and the Beast Film
by: guide4wdw – Collin
A new clip from the upcoming live action film, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ has officially been released. The official Disney Movie Trailers youtube account released the short clip just this morning. The short section of the song, which has become an iconic part of the original film, takes on a slightly different setting and a new feel that should really keep true to the original but allow new subtle changes to arise in the reiteration in live action. 
As many of those involved with the film essentially described, they don’t want to copy the movie exactly but rather expand the story into something that is distinctly recognizable to the original, but with a greater depth. 
It appears that they have certainly captured the interest of moviegoers as the opening showings of the film are sold out in many theaters across the country! Here’s a look at “Gaston”:    

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