A New Look at the Upcoming Show ‘Happily Ever After’ Has Been Released 

by: guide4wdw – Collin

In a short clip released by Disney about the upcoming replacement for ‘Wishes’, Michael Jung (from Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment) simply stated “We’re taking great things and making them even better.” While that’s certainly a bold claim for a nighttime spectacular that will replace a favorite show of guests for over a decade, the newly released details make it appear as if that could be possible.

In the world of nighttime entertainment, Disney recently raised the bar in California with the ‘Disneyland Forever’ show. It had projections, it had incredible music, and it certainly developed a multi-sensory experience that warmed the hearts of guests each and every night. Hopefully, with this new replacement show, for those of us on the east coast, Imagineering will exceed our expectations. It certainly sounds like they are well on their way to doing so if this bold claim plays out as expected.

It’s certainly hard to see ‘Wishes’ leave the Magic Kingdom, but the parks are always changing and developing as new ideas and new technologies develop in the world around us. As the debut of ‘Happily Ever After’ quickly draws closer, we’ll be sure share what we can of the earliest performances.

For now, here’s a look behind the scenes at what Disney is developing. The new show is set to debut May 12th, 2017:

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