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A Walt Disney World vacation is in many ways a multi-sensory experience. The sights, the smells, and the sounds truly develop an experience that is unlike any other destination. However, some parts of the experience aren’t simply about what you see and do, but rather about what you hear all around you.
Sounds play an extraordinary roll in the overall Disney experience, but today we’re going to focus on a simple element of Main Street U.S.A. which you could have overlooked for quite some time. 
When Walt Disney developed the concept of Disneyland and later Walt Disney World, it’s obvious that he made a certain effort to guarantee an experience for guests that went above and beyond their expectations. Everything had it’s purpose and every element of the parks featured a certain level of realism that has to be experienced to be fully understood. Walt seemed to inevitably have a certain eye for exquisite detail in nearly every regard. From the story the attractions portrayed, to the multidimensional lands his parks developed, everything had a level of detail that set his creations apart from the crowd.
So, today we’re taking a look at one of those seemingly simple details that develops the full experience of Main Street and helps portray a degree of realism that can astonish any guest.
As you tour the park, head right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A. and look for a smaller street that travels a short distance to the east (for reference, the castle is always north of Main Street geographically). Ironically, this is what is known as East Center Street. For years, this street was a small part of Main Street that was more about the small town atmosphere rather that the typical Mickey t-shirts that have taken over most of the shops today. However, one simple element of that immersive experience still remains today, the voice lessons high in the windows and just within the guest’s view.
Just above your head on the left had side of East Center Street, look for a window that is slightly opened and reads, “Voice and Singing – Private Lessons.” While this is certainly a clever detail all on it’s own, this is where the part of the Disney experience you can only hear comes to light! 
If you can find a fairly quite time of day (just avoid parade times), head to this area and simply sit down and listen. What you hear may very well surprise you. If you listen carefully, you’ll overhear a legitimate voice lesson flowing from the window above you. The sound is subtle (and actually coming from a speaker conveniently covered by a panel under the open window – visible to the right), but certainly one of those little details that is great to share with friends and family. 
Once you find it, this clever detail becomes one of those things that you can go and experience time after time. You get the chance to experience something that never had to be a part of the Main Street experience, but is something that truly develops the experience in a  way that other theme park destinations would simply overlook. As you sit and listen for just a few minutes, it’s neat to have that moment where you can recognize something that so many people around you are simply walking right past. It sounds simple, and honestly it is, but it’s something I guarantee you’ll remember long after your vacation ends. 
For those of you on the west coast, something similar, yet a bit less “enjoyable” exists at Disneyland. Rather that a voice lesson, a dentist drill can be heard outside of a window in a similar way! That’s something that you may not want to hear!  
Once again, there’s nothing overly exciting about these two windows, but it’s a small part of a land’s story that Disney could have easily left out. It’s something that goes above and beyond creating one of those little details that you can only find at Walt Disney World! 
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