Our Top 5 Snacks Under 6 Dollars at Epcot!  

by: guide4wdw – Collin
Just a few short months ago, we brought you a closer look at 6 Snacks Under $6 At Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Today, we’re continuing that trend but moving on over to Epcot for a journey of flavors as we travel around the World Showcase! This time though, we’ve lowered the budget to 5 dollars for an even more price conscious list! 
If you follow along here (and if you do, Thanks!) you know that in my opinion, food is a key part of the overall Disney Parks experience. Some may say (and by some, I mean me) that it’s one of the greatest aspects of the Disney parks. Now, to experience the best of the best snack offerings, you may have to look in a few of the more unlikely places. Avoid the temptation to head to the typical snacks and take a look at some of these outstanding, budget friendly options! 
1. Cronut 
At $4.99, the croissant donut, or “cronut”, is one of the best snacks you can experience and an outstanding option for a quick grab and go dessert as you tour the World Showcase or race off to your next fastpass+ selection. I put this option first on my list because it is certainly a personal favorite and one that appears time after time at the top of my food lists. Don’t just take my word for it, try a cronut for yourself and you’ll never look back! 
It’s every good thing about a donut combined with the light and flakey qualities of a croissant. After the first bite, you’ll certainly be hooked! There’s nothing quite like it and the cinnamon sugar dusting really rounds out an outstanding experience. All for under 5 dollars!
If you’re looking to pick up a cronut for your own personal enjoyment, stop by the Refreshment Port along the front edge of the World Showcase. If your coming from Future World, take a right and travel toward the Canada Pavilion and you’ll find it on your right!     

2. Caramel Corn 
Caramel corn at Epcot’s Karamell-Küche is unlike any other popcorn you’ve tried! It’s based on a light and crisp popcorn, but the real treat is the thick and plentiful caramel that is mixed right in front of the theme park guests. The store, which is listed as a retail location rather that a dining location, is one of the best “hidden gems” of the Germany pavilion. 

As an added bonus, the popcorn is fairly reasonably priced as well. At just $3.99 for a small size and $5.99 for a large size that is sharable across a small family, it’s hard to beat this freshly prepared treat! 

3. Mousse au Chocolat
As you travel on around the showcase, be sure to stop in at yet another wonderful location, Les Hales Boulangerie-Patisserie. This little bakery, deep in the France pavilion was a hidden gem of the parks for years, but has recently become vastly more popular due to a large expansion. The French bakery and counter service location offers one of the most extensive menus of pastries, sandwiches, and other “authentic” delights that you’ll find in the world showcase. However, one item stands above the rest in my own opinion, Mousse au Chocolat. 

This glorified chocolate mouse is one of the best desserts you can taste in the World Showcase. It’s simple, so even the most picky eater can try it. It’s rich, so you can share it if you would like. And, it’s extremely budget friendly at just $4.50!

The location itself is rather tricky to “stumble upon,” but head to the very back of the France Pavilion and you’ll end up walking right into this unique bakery. At one point, a shop of the exact same name and a near identical menu existed where the current French ice cream shop is today. Fortunately, after the location became vastly popular, Disney decided to move  the shop and expand the offerings to better accommodate the crowds. A new seating area was also developed, but it still remains incredibly crowded a majority of the day. Personally, I recommend walking the short distance out to the main promenade and there should be a few stand up tables out near the waters edge (or the old faithful top of a trashcan works as well!)

4. Churros 
I know what you’re thinking, “Why are churros on this list?” Honestly, these churros put most of the others to shame. This simple take on the classic item is found at no other location except La Cantina de San Angel. For those of you who may not be regulars to the park, the Mexico pavilion features a dining location just outside of the pavilion itself (which is largely indoors). The location, which sells quick service nachos and other classic Mexican cuisine, is an outstanding place to catch a quick meal that is filling yet fast. 

However, many guests overlook the Churros! This wonderful dessert is unlike others given that these churros are looped so that they are much easier to dip in the wonderful caramel sauce that comes with the item. At just $4.25, these are an outstanding snack to enjoy before Illuminations or even a good excuse to stake out an early spot for the show and enjoy a snack while you wait. The seating area offers excellent views of the lake and makes for one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the lagoon without having to pay the high prices of table service dining in many cases.

5. Flavored Popcorn  
This option is even fairly new to me! At just $4.75, you can enjoy one of three different unique popcorn flavors exclusively at one particular cart in Epcot. The popcorn, which comes in flavors such as: Cheddar Cheese, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, and Sour Cream and Chive are truly a wonderful change of pace in the realm of Disney popcorn. Each of the flavors are really quite impressive and leave you wanting more! 

Personally, I was always a fan of the classic popcorn that has been sold for years on Main Street U.S.A. so I was skeptical of the new offerings at first. Fortunately, after trying it for myself, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. Of course, the flavors may change in the future, but I do believe Disney has a winner on their hands with this offering! 
If you’re looking for these unique flavors, be sure to stop at the one location currently serving these particular flavors right outside of Journey Into Imagination with Figment (one of the most underrated attractions in my opinion). Flavors are certainly subject to change, but based on the high level of success flavored popcorn has had in Tokyo, I’m sure this will slowly move on to other parks and possibly resorts in the future!     

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