5 Ways To Beat The Heat At WDW This Summer
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Summer at Disney is a fickle beast. It’s a great time of year to visit (one of our favorites) because of the extended hours, fantastic fourth of July entertainment, and natural time off that most people have. But there’s also the added crowds, and crushing Florida heat, that makes you feel like someone has locked you inside a sauna. There are ways to manage the heat, and make the trip not just bearable, but fun. Today, we’re compiling a list of our best ways to escape the weather and humidity, while still enjoying everything Disney has to offer.

1. Get There Early
Get there before the park opens, and you’ll not only beat the crowds, but you’ll be experiencing rides during the coolest part of the day. Everything you do at Disney during the summer months before 11 am, will feel significantly cooler that trying to do the same thing during the afternoon hours.

2. Rest In The Middle Of The Day
It’s hottest from noon to about five. We recommend heading back to the hotel (especially if you’re staying on property), to take advantage of the pool, and take a nap. You’ll enjoy your vacation a lot more, and feel a lot better if you aren’t in the parks during the hottest part of the day, and feel rested for the evening.

3. Take Advantage of The Lounge
We have our favorite lounges all over Disney property (The Nomad, The Tune-In, etc), that we use during the hottest parts of the day to pop into to take advantage of the cold air-conditioning, and the cold beverages. We camp in a comfortable chair, with a frosty drink, and wait until we don’t feel like the heat outside feels so formidable.

4. Don’t Expect To Do It All
When you’re going during the summer months, you need to have reasonable expectations. You’re not going to go to the park from open to close, jam-packing your day with attractions, without being miserable in the process. It’s more reasonable to decide on four or five ‘must-do’ attractions for each park to accomplish, and then enjoy the ambiance and shows.

5. Go Late At Night
One of the best parts about visiting during the summer months is the extended operating hours. We always take advantage of this, by touring the parks late in the evening (sometimes after midnight!). It’s by far the coolest part of the day, as well as an added bonus of the extra ambiance of the parks at night.

We know you’ll have a blast at WDW no matter what the temperature is outside. We hope our tips for beating the heat help keep you cool, and sane during the summer months at the happiest place on earth.

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