A Tribute To Wishes – An Iconic Part of the Magic for Over A Decade

by: guide4wdw – Collin

After over a decade as a reigning entertainment wonder of the Magic Kingdom, the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular will come to an end tonight (May 11th). The show itself has warmed the hearts and minds of guest and cast for years on end. As it’s final spectacular arrangement of pyrotechnics hits the sky, guests will be gathered around the world for it’s ultimate farewell. 
(Photo: Disney)
For many, this simple show has touched their hearts, developed memories, and truly became an iconic piece of their Disney experience. For 14 years, guests have grown to appreciate and expect the beauty and wonder of the spectacle in a way that very shows will ever accomplish. 
For many, tonight will be one full of memories and recognition of joy from years of magic. The show for quite a few guests has been a part of their “Disney lives” from the very beginning. Even in my own personal circumstance, I can vaguely even remember the  preceding fireworks extravaganza. When you think about it, an entire demographic of Disney fans has quite literally grown up with this experience in the forefront of their Disney mindset. 
Seeing the show’s final debut, after it’s long run from October of 2003 to May 11th of this year, will certainly be an experience. For the cast that have worked these parks for years, this is a show that they had the opportunity to experience night after night. A majority of the “on-stage” cast know the words to every scene and every moment of the iconic show. I can only imagine how hard it will be for many of them to see it go. Wishes has grown to be a part of the Magic Kingdom rather that simply a piece of the experience. It’s an unexplainable element of the parks that links memories for many guests and gives them something to hold on to from past experiences with friends and family that may no longer be with them. It will certainly be an end of a Disney icon. 
With the debut of a new show, arriving just one day later, new memories and new experiences will surely be made. While those memories of the past will still be a part of the magic, it’s hard not to look forward to a change of pace. As a nostalgic Disney fan myself (as well as many of you reading this surely are as well), change isn’t always a word I like to hear in regards to the Disney Parks. However, as a true nostalgic I have to recognize Walt’s vision for this place that has grown to be a part of many of our lives. “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world!” That mindset and dream was what created this new “world” of innovation and expansion we call Disney World today.    
Walt had a vision of a “world” that could always be growing, changing, and developing as a true entrepreneur that defied the outlook of society and who dared to dream. Imagineering is a key continuation of that original dream and this legendary spectacular pyrotechnic display has told the story of chasing dreams for years on end. It has inspired a younger generation, encouraged guests to trust their hearts, and created memories that will last a lifetime.
The new show, Happily Ever After looks to be a wonderful addition to the park, but I think that it’s important that we carry on this soon to be extinct element of Disney and record it in the history of our minds. We can always appreciate the past, but looking forward to the future keeps our dreams and expectations alive. 
Thanks for reading and enjoy one more night of magic brought to you by Wishes (9:00pm EST). Unfortunately, we will not be in the park tonight, but you can guarantee that we’ll be watching a live stream as the iconic spectacular draws to a close.
On as side note, it appears that Wishes will be returning in it’s holiday variations for at least the rest of the current year. Of course, that is subject to change if Disney decides to alter those performances as well.