5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Left Over Dining Plan Snack Credits

by: guide4wdw – Collin

For those of you who have used the dining plan in the past, you’re likely well aware of the struggle to use a bunch of leftover snack credits at the end of your stay. Typically, by the time you eat your two other meals for the day (at least on the typical counter service, snack, and table service plan) you don’t always need that third food item. For many, as the week progresses, the snacks tend to pile up. Then, on that last night before you head home, you realize you have to utilize 5-10 snack credits across your family’s plan and don’t want to waste the “free” food. Today, we’ve come up with a few solutions to that ever present problem. While these may not be the ideal use of snack credits, when you’re in a  pinch and need something that will travel well, these are our go-to choices. (photo: wikipedia) 
1. Mickey Rice Krispy Treats 
-There are very few things more classically Disney that a Mickey-shaped treat. In regards to this particular variation, despite what you may think, they travel quite well and last much longer that you would expect. In the past, we’ve brought these tasty treats home to friends and family. Of course, they do take up a little room in your suitcase, but also allow you to bring a piece of the magic back home to enjoy as the post-Disney withdrawals begin to set in. It’s amazing how something as a simple as a treat from the parks can take you back to the memories of your most recent vacation. You can find this offering at basically any bakery-style store and many of the resort gift shops.     

2. Disney Mints 
-Using snack credits for mints is something we would never suggest you do while touring the parks, because there are so many better ways to utilize a snack offering. But, when you’re taking something home, these are a great option. First, they travel extremely well. The containers are metal and very hard to crush as you travel through airports or pack things tightly into a vehicle. Second, they last for about as long as you would want them to. When was the last time you had a package of mints go “out of date?” Even a few months after our last week-long trip, I still have a pack of the mints in my vehicle. It’s a weird selection, but it’s much better that losing a snack credit completely. Any location that typically has a checkout counter will have these mints nearby.  

3. PEZ Dispensers
-After discovering this the last time we used the dining plan, it’s become a bit of a new tradition. Believe it or not, PEZ dispensers can be used as a snack credit as well. Again, I would only recommend this if you have left over credits, but they’re a fun little item that you can bring back home and keep for years to come. Personally, I’ve started a small collection of classic Disney character PEZ and have never really “paid” for any of them with anything except leftover snack credits. They’re honestly not the best snack in the world, but they are something that travels extremely well and nearly everyone can appreciate. You can find these at any bakery style store and many of the resort gift shops as well.   

4. Chip and Dale Snack Company Offerings
-If you’re not short on space while traveling, grab a few of these Chip and Dale Snack company pre-packaged offerings. Surprisingly, they’re actually quite tasty and incredibly easy to share. Unfortunately, they do take up quite a bit of space in your luggage, but in the case of their trail mix, pretzels, and other offerings, they won’t typically melt in the heat as you travel home. The snacks are also shelf stable and sold in resealable packages at nearly all of the resort gift shop locations as well as the parks. 

5. Goofy’s Candy Company Treats
-This last choice is one of our favorites for those of you who like to snack on your way home or only have a couple snack credits left to use. On the last night of your vacation, head over to Disney Springs and walk to Goofy’s Candy Company right beside the giant Rainforest Cafe volcano. In the back of the store, you’ll find an area of freshly made treats that many of which cannot be found other places on property. Unfortunately, not everything offered is on the dining plan, but a majority of it is. All of the creations are incredibly tasty, and as long as you plan on eating it within the next few days (if you can wait that long), it will last very well. 

(Photo: flickr)

BONUS: Epcot Pavilions
-We couldn’t limit our list to just these offerings, so we’re adding one more! If by chance you end your week (or day or however long you plan on staying in Epcot), a great option for snack credits are the bakeries throughout many of the pavilions. Over in Germany you can pick up freshly made caramel corn (which is outstanding), in France you can find a variety of easy baked treats, and even in Norway you can find a few fun bakery offerings. While not all of these travel well (and as a result didn’t make our list), the popcorn will actually stay good for quite some time if you can get it to a refrigerator within few days. For some reason, keeping it refrigerated maintains that crisp of the popcorn without it turning into a squishy mixture that nobody wants to eat. 

So, that’s our list! If we missed something, be sure to tells us what you’d add down below or leave us a comment on your favorite social media platform! Of course, these are only a few of the many items you can use snack credits for, and many of these “travel friendly” items we would never recommend as a normal snack credit. But, if you’re traveling, they’re way better options that losing the credits you payed for anyway.   

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