Glowing Cotton Candy Has Finally Made It To The Magic Kingdom! 

It’s official, glowing cotton candy has officially debuted at the Magic Kingdom. This seemingly simple creation is taking the internet by storm and has started to roll out quickly all across social media.
The creation itself is based on a design where the stick the cotton candy would usually be placed on is replaced by a glowing wand that emits light through the sugary substance. 
If you’re in the parks in the next few weeks, you will undoubtedly see these “floating” around the park. This very well could be the next big thing in fun Disney snacks.
Currently, we do not know how long this will last or if it is here to stay. All we know for sure is that it has arrived in the Magic Kingdom and is being sold to guests. The creation has received rave reviews and while it is simply cotton candy beyond aesthetics, the concept is genius. 
The design itself has been around for quite some time, but with it’s adoption in the Disney parks, it is set to grow rapidly and may start appearing in other locations more frequently across the country.
Are you looking forward to trying this new creation? Leave it to Disney to find a way to improve on a classic theme park creation! A special thatks to @thegirlandthemouse and @welovedisneyx5 (Disneyland version) over on Instagram for letting us share these photos and a video down below.


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