by: guide4wdw – Collin

In an interesting result, Trip Advisor’s new Travelers’ Choice rankings place all Disney theme parks at or below the 3rd place mark. The listing, which is a combination of guest reviews and quality and quantity of those reviews, places Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the top spot for theme park experience in the United States. However, also worth noting is that Epcot and Animal Kingdom made the top ten for the country as well. Farther down the list we also find Disneyland and California Adventure. 

As an added bonus, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach were ranked one and three for the best water parks in the nation! Overall, it is quite impressive that Disney managed to dominate with 50% of the parks in the top ten. Here’s a complete breakdown of the top of each list:

Theme Parks: 

  1. Universal’s Islands of Adventure 
  2. SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove 
  3. Disney’s Magic Kingdom 
  4. Universal Studios Hollywood 
  5. Universal Studios Florida 
  6. Disney’s Epcot 
  7. Disney’s Animal Kingdom 
  8. SeaWorld Orlando 
  9. Disney California Adventure 
  10. Disneyland 

Water Parks: 

  1. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon 
  2. SeaWorld’s Aquatica 
  3. Disney’s Blizzard Beach
  4. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari (it is an outstanding park)   

Also, interesting to note is that both SeaWorld Orlando properties rank above both Disneyland parks. While the list creation isn’t really a perfect representation of the guest opinion, it is unique to see where things fell for one of the largest travel review sites on the internet. Perhaps an even more notable section of the list is the number 11 ranking, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So, what is your opinion? Did they get it right or is it completely out of order compared to your personal experience?      

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