by: guide4wdw – Collin

The Disney parks and resorts have really become known over the years for outstanding dining opportunities. However, there’s been one particular item that has been somewhat overlooked, burgers. While Disney offers a lot of different burgers, and a large variety of different toppings throughout property, very few go above and beyond. So, when I find a burger on the menu at Walt Disney World I always have to give it a shot. 

When we planned our Disney vacation, we actually didn’t even have The Plaza on our list of reservations. We had been there in the past and really enjoyed it, but with a Crystal Palace breakfast that morning, we really didn’t expect to eat another table service meal. As the day grew later, the crowds started to die down a bit and we were looking for a meal that could get us out of the heat for a little while. So, we decided to try and walk up at the Plaza. It was  a bit of long shot, but we thought might as well try. Eventually, we waited around 15 minutes and they got us right in. 

The Plaza Restaurant is quite small and one of the more crowded dining locations on property, but the food is really good. The menu isn’t very expansive, but everything we tried was great! After a quick glance over the menu, we decided on 3 entrees (one was split). first and foremost, we tried the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger.

In my honest opinion, this was one of the better burgers I’ve had on Disney property if not one of the best. It was definitely a far cry from what you’d find at most counter service restaurants, but not topped with anything out of the ordinary on a typical cheeseburger. After trying most cheeseburgers on property, I can certainly say it is one of the best and one that really stands out on my “top burger” list. Plus, it’s topped with bacon, and everything’s better with bacon! The bun is also fairly unique, but really rounded out the great burger. This particular menu offering was served with fries and was offered with a variety of toppings you could choose from on the menu listing itself. Dress it up or go simple like we did, but either way this was a great meal item at a somewhat reasonable price by Disney standards ($18).    

The other guests in our group ordered the Chicken Strawberry Salad and the Cheese Steak Sandwich. Both options were great as well, but for me the standout option was the burger. The Cheese Steak was juicy and outstanding as well, but an honest highlight of the experience was simply the chance to get out of the sun for even a brief hour or so. More that anything, what I recommend to guests going to Walt Disney World for the first time, or even returning guests, is to schedule a table-service meal during each of your park days. While some meals are quite expensive, offerings like The Plaza (which is more budget friendly) exist in every park. While you may not recognize it at first, the brief meal that gets you out of the heat for a while can really help you out at the end of the day! 

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