by: guide4wdw – Collin

After a rather unusual turn of events, tonight we got the chance to broadcast the Fourth of July Magic Kingdom fireworks live! The show itself features a classic score of music that greatly portrays the true spirit of America and this great place many of us call home! of course, this post is going up on the third of July, but that is simply because the show is done on both the third and fourth of July! 

(Photo: Disney)

While our original plan was to head to the Polynesian for a more typical view of the fireworks spectacular, the parking area filled well before the showtime tonight, but everything ended up working out quite well. (You see, even those of us who are Disney through and through run into a few planning problems along the way!)

Thankfully, we were able to create a new plan and head back to our resort for the week, Wilderness Lodge. So, instead of a beach view from the Polynesian tonight we brought you guys with us to the Wilderness Lodge club level balcony for a rather interesting view. For those of you who may not be familiar with the resort, Wilderness Lodge club level accommodations are (mostly) on the seventh floor of the resort and there is a unique viewing balcony for Magic Kingdom fireworks where the music gets piped in as well. It’s a surprisingly fun experience on nights with 360 degree fireworks!

So, here’s what you all probably came for: 

Sorry if the video is a little shaky, after our change of events it was a little last minute getting things set up! 
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