by: guide4wdw – Collin

Just last week, a brand that is becoming proudly associated with the Disney name released an entirely new offering at Disney Springs, “Ripple Maker.” The new technology uses a toner based printing system to create a design which can be placed on any of their foamy drink offerings. 

The technology is currently exclusive to the Tea Traders Cafe at Disney Springs. However, this could roll out to a variety of different Joffrey’s locations in the future. Right now, Disney and Joffrey’s have yet to state if this will eventually roll out in the parks. 

The printing system itself can create 4 different images currently:

  • Minnie Mouse 
  • Mickey Mouse 
  • The Disney Springs Logo 
  • Joffrey’s Logo 

The printing mechanism itself uses a ground coffee substance to essentially dust the top of your desired beverage with a thin design that is fun yet completely edible! As an added bonus, it only takes around 20 seconds to complete the process! 

Personally, I see this catching on incredibly quick and turning into the next big thing in Disney across social media. It’s already starting to pop up around Instagram, so we’ll see if this remains at this one location or grows exponentially to all Joffrey’s locations.  

What do you think? Creative option or a bit over the top? 

(We are not associated with Joffrey’s.) 
Source: Disney Parks Blog