by: guide4wdw – Collin

Throughout the World Showcase at Epcot, a vast variety of different stores and unique experiences are laid out in a maze of areas to explore. However, certain countries offer unique creations that can’t be bought in many other locations outside of Walt Disney World. A great example of this is over at the Puffin’s Roost in the Norway Pavilion. 

For years this simple store has sold a vast variety of Norwegian and Norwegian inspired merchandise to guests as they depart from a boat-ride type attraction within the pavilion. For years, the familiar scent of the shopping location marked the end of a ride through the Maelstrom attraction detailing a brief view of the culture of Norway past and present. Today, however the attraction has been redesigned (after vast internet disapproval) into what has become known as Frozen Ever After. While the attraction itself is quite impressive and features updated technology and a clever and representative story from the oh so popular Frozen film, today we’re taking a closer look behind the unique smell of the exit area leading into the Puffin’s Roost location. 

For many returning guests, the familiar smell of the Puffin’s Roost brings back memories of past vacations and experiences of Epcot in a way that is truly hard to explain. It has a quite characteristic smell, and one that many guests have happily taken home with them. In the post ride store, the scent (which was created by Geir Ness) is sold to guests on a daily basis. While the post ride has become notorious for the wonderful smell, the true reasoning behind it is the Geir Ness line. 

After years of experiencing both iterations of the attraction, I had the opportunity to meet the man behind the smell, Geir Ness. I had heard stories and watched interviews of him in the past, and new about what to expect from the meet up. Geir is notorious for being incredibly passionate about what he does and it’s really one of those things you can’t fake. When you get the chance to talk to him, you can really sense that drive that keeps his company growing. He’s not a salesmen, he’s more an individual who wants to share his story and how the line of fragrances came to be. 

Personally, I’ve worn his mens Geir Ness: The Power of Norway cologne for a few years and it’s always something you get questions about. Everyone wants to know what it is and where you got it. For ladies, he also has two perfumes specifically designed to capture two distinct scents. The first and most iconic is Laila, which was named after his mother. The second and latest creation is called Frozen In A Bottle. Both scents are fantastic, but the real opportunity here is to meet the man behind the scents. He’ll even sign the bottle for you!  

On select dates throughout the calendar year, Geir is in the store and interacting with guests. You really can’t miss him. He’ll be surrounded by guests and making a distinct point to talk to and take pictures with everyone. The dates never really lined up for us to meet him until our last trip, but if you ever get the chance this is certainly a must-do. When was the last time you got to meet the designer of a fragrance?