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After the D23 Expo and the vast variety of information which debuted for the future of Walt Disney World along with the other parks and resorts, we took a look at some of our top questions regarding the future builds. However, we saved one major set of questions for today’s article. While I am certainly excited about Toy Story Land, considering I’ve essentially grown up with the films, it’s hard to overlook that we know very little about the new expansion. Of course, two brand new attractions will debut for guests of all ages including both Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers. As a result of the few details released, we’re taking a look at a few of our top unanswered questions regarding the expansion. 

First and foremost, we really have no idea what else is going to fill this 11-acre expansion beyond the two attractions. The concept art itself (released by Disney) shows 4 or more other buildings that we know very little to nothing about. 

1. Are we going to get a new dining location?
Currently, at Hollywood Studios, there are very few counter service dining locations when compared to the other parks, so with the new expansion I would expect to see at least one roll out with the new offerings. Disney has yet to release anything regarding this question, but we do already know that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will receive at least one food or drink location. Interestingly though, we do know that project will open after Toy Story Land. Personally, I see a lot of potential in the concept art for a restaurant in the building along the left hand side of the image. Surrounding the building are a variety of umbrella shaped canopy’s (possibly related to toy soldiers??) which could or could not signal a dining location. Of course this is simply a guess until we receive more information, hopefully in the near future.  

2. Will we get a designated “Toy Store?”  

Ever since this project was announced I’ve had a small hope that we would finally get to see Al’s Toy Barn in person. Unfortunately, I don’t see much that could be a toy barn in the artwork, but it would be great to see a store dedicated simply to toys in the land to really build on the theming. This concept really is simply just my perspective, but it is interesting to note the red box shaped building in the bottom right corner of the image. At this point I do not believe Disney has debuted any information about what this could be or will be in the future, but I’m hoping this area may bring more land-specific merchandise to the area similar to what has been done at Cars Land out in California. Of course, it could be a new entrance to Toy Story Mania and the sign before the entrance of the building does lead to that conclusion as well. Either way, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of merchandise arrives in the new land. If it’s anything like the quality Pandora merchandise, it will be an outstanding new shopping experience wherever the retail merchandise debuts.  

3. Where do the paths in the upper left hand corner go? 
While this may seem like a trivial question (and in a way it is), but it is interesting to note we have three paths leaving the land. The first and largest path in the bottom corner we can only assume will be the “main entrance.” However, the top two paths create an interesting observation. The larger of the two will likely dump out into the area near Toy Story Mania currently. The smaller of the two paths seems to lead to nowhere. This could simply be a cast member area, but it seems odd to include such a thing in concept art. It could also be an emergency exit of some type, or even a pathway to a gondola station which I personally expected (and may have been shared) to be into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. For now though, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. 

So, what questions do you have about the new expansion? As mentioned, these are simply our thoughts and while we do try to keep up with any and all official announcements, we may have missed something along the way. Also worth noting is that we do not claim any “insider information” regarding our thoughts. These assumptions are simply our opinion. Thanks for reading and be sure to SHARE this article with friends! (All descriptions refer to the first concept art image.)

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(Concept Art: Disney)    

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