by: guide4wdw – Collin

In 1971 Disney debuted the Magic Kingdom to welcome the beginning of one of most devout guest followings in theme park history, Disney Parks fans. The park that welcomed guests so many years ago has changed drastically over time, but one particular element of Main Street U.S.A. has truly stood the test of time, The Harmony Barber Shop.

The Harmony Barbershop has been relocated, prices have changed, and the staff has varied over time, but very little stacks up to the history this location encompasses. That same history transcends the parks and has entered the hearts and memories of guests who have experienced it time and time again. For thousands of guests over the years, this seemingly simple location has provided first haircuts for family, friends, and even themselves. 

(Photo: Michael Gray – Labeled for Reuse)

A first haircut is a simple right of passage of sorts for many families, and a memory that will be kept for many years. Combining that one time opportunity with the joys of Magic Kingdom can create an experience you’ll never forget. 

Originally, in the early days of Magic Kingdom, the Harmony Barber Shop was located in an area of Main Street known as West Center Street. The street, which was located where the middle section of the Emporium is located today, used to welcome guests into a series of little shops that completed the early small town feel of original Main Street U.S.A.. At that point in time, West Center Street welcomed guests into the Hallmark Card Shop, Greenhouse Flower Shop, the New Century Clock Shop, and none other that the Harmony Barber Shop. Sadly in 2001, Disney decided to give up on the individual storefront aspect of West Center street and proceeded to fill in the space with an addition to the Emporium. Of course, this wasn’t the first change to Main Street and it’s many individual shops which once adorned the oh-so-familiar welcoming avenue of the Magic Kingdom. 

Today, the barber shop has been relocated to the front section of the street near the fire station and the car barn (be sure to take a glance in their while if it’s open for a closer look at The Main Street Light Bulb You Never Knew Had A Story!). Of course, it doesn’t hold quite the same classic appeal and hidden charm it once did at the end of West Center Street, but its outstanding to see that small touch of originality and a stand alone store location still standing as a part of the Main Street experience. 

The prices for the barber shop are fairly reasonable at $18 for children and $19 for adults. They even offer a My First Haircut package priced at $25 and offers commemorative Mickey ears and a unique certificate.

Have you experienced the Harmony Barber Shop first hand? If you have any pictures of early West Center Street, we’d love to see them! They’re becoming quite rare across the internet.