by: guide4wdw – Collin

Just a few short days ago, TripAdvisor rolled out a new ranking of fine dining locations across the United States. Arriving near the top of this years list was none other that the Grand Floridian’s Victoria and Albert’s dining location. 

The restaurant  has been regarded for many years as one of the most impressive (if not the single most impressive) luxury dining opportunities on property. While that is the case, it is quite impressive to see a dining option from Walt Disney World topping a nation wide list once again. For many years, Victoria and Albert’s has been recognized by AAA and many other recognizable groups for it’s incredible level of quality and outstanding guest experience. However, opposed to those raving recognitions, this one is a bit different. Opposed to a certain foundation or other organization bestowing a title upon the dining experience, this particular ranking was created by guests themselves. 

(Photo: Disney)

Trip Advisors ranking was developed by a list of guest reviews and review frequencies on their highly acclaimed travel planning website. It is a list developed by guests for other guests to utilize.  

Personally, I have yet to dine at this location, partially due to reservation availability but largely because of the cost associated with the meal. I’d love to eat there some day, but I’ve never been traveling during a special event or other circumstance that I felt would accompany the meal well. When we travel, we’ve always found it hard to overlook the cost associated with a party of four to dine here when it can be easily compared to the cost of staying an entire extra day to enjoy the parks. 

While that is certainly true, it’s also a location that I have heard rave reviews of and have been told it is an experience you will truly never forget. For a special event, there’s really no better place to celebrate in style on Disney property. If you’re looking to create a night to remember, this would certainly be location near the top of my list. Pair this culinary experience with a ride on the Grand Floridian’s rentable private yacht and you’ll be set for the ultimate luxury Disney experience.

Other notable mentions in the top ten of TripAdvisors list (in order), according to the Orlando Sentinel, were: 

1. Daniel 

4. Alinea 
7. Geronimo 

Have you had the opportunity to enjoy this dining location? If so, what were your thoughts? 

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