by: guide4wdw – Collin

Disney is a company that I’ve had the opportunity to follow for many years, both personally and for over a year here on, but sometimes they just get things “right.” A story Disney debuted on their youtube channel earlier today captured a moment that caught my attention in a way that far exceeded the news of the day or any personal story I could have shared with you all today. 

The story is simple, and the true experience of a Vietnam veteran at Walt Disney World who was chosen as the Veteran of the day. For those of you who may not know, they do this each and every day during the flag retreat ceremony. Each day, Disney chooses a veteran or active service member to help with the ceremony and honors the individual with a certificate, a photo taken at the event, and a commemorative pin to mark the occasion. However, for many the story doesn’t simply stop there. These veterans and chosen participants all share a story of their own, no matter if they have shared that story or not. Often times, it’s that untold story that makes this experience so very special. 

Disney may not be able to heal all wounds (both literal and metaphorical) but it provides an opportunity, as mentioned in this story, for many to escape reality for even just a few minutes. 

In many ways, even beyond veterans and service members, thats a huge portion of the Walt Disney World experience. Having a day or even a week long vacation to escape daily life for even just a short time, can create a sense of joy that can only be described as “magic.” 

So, after you watch this video, I ask that you do one thing this weekend. Share this video with friends, and challenge yourself to find and thatk a veteran. So many of these people have seen and experienced things that many of us will never truly understand. They’ve lost friends, made great sacrifices, and given up many years of their lives so that we can live the blessed lives we do each and every day here in the United States.         

Disney doesn’t get everything right, but moments like this put them above the rest. This seemingly simple gesture is something that this man will remember and appreciate for the rest of his life. I’ll never understand that feeling firsthatd or the thoughts that roll through his mind, but I highly encourage each and every one of you to experience the Flag Retreat Ceremony in the Magic Kingdom. You won’t likely find it in a guidebook, and it will never be advertised on TV, but this experience is one that really brings a certain level of heart to a Walt Disney World vacation.
As mentioned above, thatk a veteran this weekend. On a personal note, I want to take a moment and thatk each and every one of our service members and veterans who may be reading this and each and every one of you who have a service member in your family. I’ll never truly understand that daily sacrifice, but we appreciate it and we appreciate you! Happy Veterans Day weekend!