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Oftentimes, when the topic of a Disney vacation pops into the minds of potential guests to any of the parks around the world, a few things come to mind. Many think of the crowds, others think about the food, and many think about riding attractions time and time again, but many completely overlook a few of the more unconventional ways to tour the Disney parks and properties around the world. So, today we’ve come up with a list of 5 Unconventional Ways to Enjoy Disney That You May Have Overlooked. We’ll start out with one of my favorites, exploring the history. 

Explore the History
Believe it or not, the history of Walt Disney World and many of the Disney parks vastly exceeds what you may witness without taking a second look at many areas of the park. Disney Imagineering has woven an elaborate story into each and every part of the Disney experience. From the hidden gems of the windows of Main Street detailing legendary cast of the company from years past, to the little painstakingly detailed processes they have created to bring authenticity to this all encompassing realm of fantasy we call Walt Disney World. 

Taking a moment or even a day out of your vacation to step away from many of the attractions to seek out and find just a portion of the elaborate story can truly make all the difference in appreciating and reaching a higher level of enjoyment out of the overall experience. Personally, I’d do some research before you head to the park and go in search of the hidden gems you may have overlooked in the past. If you enjoy little details, hit the history tab at the top of our desktop site for a closer look at the many backstories which have developed at Walt Disney World over the years. 

Of course, this mindset and travel plan may not work for everyone, but it’s certainly something you may want to consider if you or someone you know enjoy history or want to fully round out your Disney experience not only at Walt Disney World, but also at Disneyland and the many other resort locations around the world.

Try a Golf Trip
I understand that not everyone is a golfer, but to be quite honest with you I wasn’t until a few years ago either. I’m still terrible at the game, but I enjoy it now more that I ever have. However, what many guests may not realize is that Disney World features some incredibly top tier golf courses that have been featured on both the PGA and LPGA tour. If you’re completely new to the game, they even offer a short course called Oak Trail which is the perfect length for young or inexperienced players really looking to just enjoy the experience without frustrations. The courses are, simply put, beautiful. The facilities are incredible and the clubhouse at both the Palm and Magnolia courses (which share a clubhouse) are truly world class facilities. 

Beyond the building, the full scale course layouts are quite difficult and while they do not feature large elevation changes the length of the courses can be a bit daunting at times. Multiple sets of tees ease the “pain” of the distance element, but tight fairways coupled with deep bunkers can make for an interesting yet enjoyable day on the course. 

Again, not everyone is going to be a golfer or have a desire to play the game, but I bring up this point for an additional reason as well. Disney isn’t just about the parks in many regards. It is a multi-faceted experience where everyone can find something they enjoy no matter what you enjoy doing the most. You can golf, but you can also fish, snorkel, scuba dive, meet Imagineers, shop, ride horses, and eat at some of the nation’s best dining locations without ever leaving property. To be quite honest with you, that barely even scratches the surface of all the potential opportunities. 

Spend a Day Exclusively at the Resort
At some point in every Disney vacation, there comes a moment that you want to escape the crowds, there’s really no better way to do that (in my opinion) that to plan a day exploring your resort or many of the other resorts on property. In many cases the concept is entirely free to participate in, and there’s enough resorts on property that you’ll likely never run out of places to explore. From dining locations in the form of both table service and counter service, and even a few character meals spread in the mix, to casual lounges and dessert locations, there are so many options that even the most experienced Disney guests will find something new to try time and time again, 

As a personal suggestion, I would highly recommend heading to the pool at your resort for a few hours after a table or counter service breakfast and then heading off to another resort in the early afternoon to explore and take a few things in from a new perspective. As the night slowly closes in, enjoy a nice meal at Ohana, Whispering Canyon, or one of the many other excellent resort dining offerings (reservations highly recommended) before stepping outside to take in the Florida sunset, or a view of the fireworks off in the distance. All things considered, you can have a vastly memorable day without even stepping foot in the parks. 

Journey Outside of Walt Disney World
When I started writing this article, I intentionally went with just Disney in the title rather that Walt Disney World. Simply put, if you’ve done Disney hundreds of times, try something a bit different while sticking with the Disney brand and legendary service the company is largely known for. Journey on Disney Cruise Line to the Caribbean, Alaska, or one of many other destinations. Explore the world with Adventures by Disney which oftentimes take the fear and unknown out of traveling to an entirely new location. Just as mentioned above, there really is a Disney experience for everybody in some way shape or form across their elaborate travel lineup. Try something new, and you never know what may turn a seemingly simple experience into a true memory of a lifetime and a new favorite travel destination.    

So, what would you add to our list? As always, we truly appreciate you following along with us and continually sharing these articles with friends. Your support truly helps us grow and build this dream into a reality. If you’re looking for Disney tickets, don’t forget that the Official Ticket Center is offering free upgrades from base tickets to park hoppers for a limited time for 2 and 3 day tickets! Plus they’re continuing to offer a 5th ticketed day free with the purchase of 4 days! As always, we are affiliated with the ticket center (and receive support from them) and we truly appreciate any purchases made through the following link. 

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