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Yesterday, we shared our expectations of how Disney World tickets prices could jump up today. Our predictions were very close to what has actually happened. These increases aren’t the end of the world, but annual passes, and other ticket types have also jumped up as expected. Here’s the official info: (jump to the bottom to find a way to beat the price increase for about 10 days) 

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Annual Passes: 

-Platinum Plus Pass increases from $869 to $949 (pushing the after tax cost to over $1,000)
-Disney Platinum Pass increases from $779 to $849

Single Day Tickets:

-Value “Season” increases from $99 to $102 
-Regular increases from $107 to $114
-Peak increases from $119 to $122

Magic Kingdom Ticket Prices (single day):

Value: $109
Regular: $119
Peak: $129 

Park Hopper for a One Day Pass Jumps to: 

Value: $164
Regular: $174
Peak: $184

The good news is that multi-day tickets did not increase as much as we originally anticipated with the following occurring: 

3-day tickets increase from $289 to $305 
4-day tickets increase from $350 to $380
5-day tickets increase from $370 to $395 

Despite the changes, multi-day tickets are still an incredibly attractive deal and what I will continue to recommend for a vast majority of guests. 

If you’re wondering how to beat this price increase, we do have one solution for you. If you are not booking a packaged stay and just need tickets, you can still buy at the previous prices for about 10 days from our friends over at The Official Ticket Center. We’ve talked with them this morning and can tell you that this is in fact legitimate information. If you want to save money, this is the best and only way to do it that I am aware of at this point. Just be aware of long term ticket expiration dates.  

If you’re buying annual passes, try ticket bridging. We talked about it in our Disney Annual Pass: When Is It Worth The Money? post a few short days ago. Unfortunately I cannot comment on local annual pass ticket prices and there increases because I am not local, but you may want to look into that on Disney’s site. 

(We’ll try and update this post as any additional details appear over time.) 

Update: We now have confirmation that the Minnie Van ride service prices will go to $25 in addition to the ticket increases. 

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(Source: Disney)   

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