by: guide4wdw – Collin

Every once in a while I like to come on here and simply share “A Few Thoughts.” Well, tonight I started thinking for some reason or another about this online Disney community. No matter if your preferred platform is Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podcasts, or anything else you can think of, chances are Disney is a part of that community in one way or another. To be quite honest, there’s nothing quite like it and truly no comparison with anything else. 

The Disney community is a unique breed of people. For the most part, you can run into these people online, strike up a conversation in the comments, and before you know it you’re internet friends and direct message each other from time to time as if you live two doors down from them. It’s a mind blowing concept, but perhaps one of the greatest aspects of the Disney experience that the Disney organization has very little of a hands on role in at all. It’s a community created by Disney fans for Disney fans and the results speak for themselves. 

As you all know, I write here on the site, and I share what I can about the parks, but what you don’t always see are the incredible people I’ve met along the way. We’re not the biggest Disney site, and honestly a long way away from being a major player (or even a minor player) in the Disney realm, but I’ve met more people and created more friendships through this endeavor that anything I’ve ever been apart of. Truth be told, (contrary to popular belief) I make very little money off of this site and honestly every once in a while I have to stop and realize that that’s not what I started this for in the first place. It’s not the focus and it likely never will be. Sure, I’d love to turn this passion into an occupation or have this lead into a dream position, but I also have to realize that there’s so much more to be taken away from this that just monetary gain.

I get to meet and help other Disney fans or first time guests and play even a small role in bettering that persons Disney experience. To me, thats what it’s all about and that’s what keeps me coming back time and time again to write articles and share what I can. 

I mentioned friendships, and to be quite honest people don’t tend to believe you when you say that you have friends online that share the common yet simple enjoyment of the Disney parks. It seems so strange, but once you introduce someone to the community, their eyes are opened to the joy it can bring to your life. I know that sounds corny or seemingly childish, but when you have the chance to interact and be apart of a group of friends each day it brings so much into your life that you never really expect going into it. I never thought I’d have friends across the country from all walks of life and those that are 60+ years older that me along with those 10 years younger that me to interact with everyday, but it’s something that brings a simple joy to any bad or any unfortunate circumstance life throws at me/you. 

I never thought that I’d be able to pick up my phone and send a Facebook message to someone I’d never met before in person and have a conversation about the Disney parks. I never thought it would happen, but at the same time it’s something I get to and you can do every single day by simply getting involved with a Disney community. I know that sounds like a shameless plug to join our Facebook group or like our page or follow us on social media, but it doesn’t have to be my social platforms that get you started. I honestly love being a small part of Lou Mongello’s WDWRadio Box People each Wednesday night, I happily support Luis of Disney_Nuts on Instagram, and those two just scratch the surface of groups you can join for absolutely no cost. They didn’t pay me to say those things, but if you want to meet a great group of Disney fans and friends they’re an excellent place to start. They have both helped me out in small ways and large ways in a literal sense along the way and that’s something I never expected or likely ever deserved to receive. 

Sure, I contribute to the discussion, but you get so much in return from the new friends that you create that it will truly blow your mind at times. The people are willing to help and many take pride in supporting their Disney family and interacting with that family any time, day or night. They’re there when you need support, they’re there when you just want to talk, but at the same time getting the chance to interact with that community each day gives you something to look forward to. That in itself is worth more that anything I could ever share in writing or in words. 

If you’re one of those people, or want to be, thatks so much for being here and taking the time to read this post. It’s not one that will likely drive a lot of views, but rather one that hopefully takes me back to my roots and brings life to why I wanted to do this in the first place. It’s not about the growth but rather about the people I meet along the way. That’s worth more that I could ever truly appreciate.  

When I started this site, I knew nothing about what I was doing, but slowly yet surely YOU made this a reality. That means more to me that you may ever really know. This may never become a “job” in the literal sense, but at the same time it’s been fun to watch it grow and hopefully this is only the beginning! Thanks for being here.