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Great Places to Rest at Disney World – A Guest Article!  

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Whether you are overheated or someone in your group is on the verge of a meltdown, there are just times when you need to pause during your vacation and take a break. If you think about all the walking and standing you are doing over the course of a day at Disney World it really makes sense that these down moments are necessary. Here are our recommendations for places to rest in Disney World listed by park.

Magic Kingdom Rest Spots

Hub grass magic kingdom disney world

  • Hub Grass– There is no better view that stopping and taking in Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom. Disney has several areas in front of the cast filled with Astroturf, lovingly called hub grass. This is a perfect spot to stop and relax or have a snack or even let your kids run wild. At night these areas become the firework viewing areas.
  • Storybook Circus– Head to the back of Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. You are looking for the covered area between the train station and Big Top Treats. This spot serves as a character meet and greets area during special events at the Magic Kingdom. Otherwise, it is a shaded area with seating and spots where you can charge up your devices!
  • Tom Sawyer Island– So many people skip over this area of the Magic Kingdom. This makes for a nice and quiet area where you can relax. Covered with lots of trees, ample amounts of shade can be found here there are even benches and rocking chairs. There are lots of caves and paths for kids to run around and explore the island. Note: this area does close at sunset.
  • Main Street USA Train Station– When you get to the train station head upstairs. There is both indoor and outdoor seating here. I recommend sitting under the covered area and looking down Main Street USA. People watching is an overlooked fun thing to do at Disney World. Plus the background music is great in this area. You may even catch a set of the Dapper Dans. It’s even a great idea to hop on the train and take a full loop around the park.
  • Columbia Harbour House– If you are okay with a seafood smell then this is a great place to grab a refreshment and relax. The second story here is always fairly quiet and you can get some great views when look out over Fantasyland. There are also some bathrooms up here too!

Epcot Spots to Take a Break

China pavilion Epcot Walt Disney World

  • World Showcase – There are so many nooks and crannies throughout all of the World Showcase. America is an exceptionally good stop to relax in the air conditioning. If you are lucky you could even catch a show of the Voices of Liberty. I recommend heading over to the United Kingdom. Behind the stores, you’ll find beautiful gardens, benches and a large area at which you can rest.
  • The Land– This isn’t a quiet spot due to the popularity of Soarin but there is loads of space, air conditioning, and tables. Sunshine Seasons food court is right there as well so you can enjoy a meal, snack, or drink.
  • Imagination Pavillion – Head in through the shop and head to the back where they have various activities set up.
  • Behind Club Cool– There is a giant breezeway behind here and some spots to charge your phone. The air conditioning is always nice and cool and it’s a great spot to park the stroller and let your kid take a snooze.

Hollywood Studios Spots to Take a Break

Star Wars launch bay hollywood studios

  • One Man’s Dream– Head through this attraction to learn some back history on how Disney came to develop his famous theme parks. They also host previews of new or recent enhancements in Disney World.
  • Star Wars Launch Bay– Stop in the Launch Bay and catch a movie that takes you behind the scenes of Star Wars. Once the movie is out there is a large area to lounge or to meet and greet with various Star Wars characters.

The Animal Kingdom Spots to Take a Break

  • Conservation Station– Head back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Not only is the train ride nice and relaxing there is plenty of places to sit and chill when you get here. They have fun exhibits about the animals and they even have a look at the veterinary setup they have. You may even see a procedure happening when you head out there. There is also a petting zoo for the kiddos if they need to let off some steam.
  • Pandora– The land is full of details and lots of small areas to explore. By the exit of Flight of Passage, there is some shade and benches. You can grab a snack or beverage at Pongu Pongu to enjoy as well. If you are looking to stop for a quick meal I would head to Satuli Canteen, take a break and enjoy a meal.
  • Tree of Life Oasis– This area that surrounds the Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom. The area is filled with cool caves and quiet benches that can easily become napping places.

Bonus Places to Rest in Disney World

  • Disney Resorts– All the Disney World Resorts are open to visitors. They all have their own unique benefits and perks. But the lobbies of every resort definitely have crashing spots where you can sit and chill. My favorite is a rocking chair in front of the massive fireplace at the Wilderness Lodge.
  • Monorail– If you are close by, a ride on the monorail is always a nice way to relax and get some sightseeing in at Disney World.

There are so many resting spots to be found at Disney World. The list above just covers the highlights at each park. Of course, you can always go to a longer indoor attraction or show to get a short rest midday. If you are visiting in the summer check out some awesome ways to stay cool it will help with needed less rest breaks. Does your family need to take breaks on your Disney days? If so share your favorite places to rest in Disney World spots in the comments below.

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