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How Our Party of 4 Guests Ate At T-REX for $15! – Disney Springs Dining 

Today is a rather interesting article in my opinion. As many of you know, I tend to try and save you all as much money as possible on Disney trips whenever I can. This post is certainly no exception to that rule, however, this is one particular tips will likely work out better for locals or repeat visitors to the Disney parks and resorts. With that being said, we didn’t have any “magic” offer when we ate at T-REX in Disney Springs for $15 and we weren’t asked to try it for media reasons. Also worth mentioning is that we are not affiliated with the Landry’s group in any way shape or form (even though that would be awesome). Rather, we found a neat opportunity and made the most of it. 

The whole “science” behind this deeply discounted meal is largely based off a program the Landry’s group (the parent company of T-REX, Yak and Yeti, Rainforest Cafe, and many others) have developed called the Landry’s Select Club. Truthfully the club is no secret and is typically debuted in a pamphlet on your table at many of their dining locations. The club itself has a $25 enrollment fee but 24 hours after you enroll you automatically receive a $25 welcome reward. So, if you’re going to be eating there anyway, sign up and you basically get your money back automatically. As you dine at their vast array of restaurants, you also accumulate points for purchases. After you reach 250 points you get another $25 reward. 

Additionally, when you arrive at any of their restaurants you essentially gain front of the line access. In our specific case, we arrived at T-REX at around 6:30 and while the restaurant had a rather long wait list, we were told simply to walk up to the seating stand/hostess area and were seated within 5 minutes of arriving at the restaurant. We’ve used this to our advantage time after time at Rainforest Cafe as well. So, in essence you’re not paying anything for the card, you get priority seating, you get rewards for your purchases, and on top of all of this you get a $25 reward every year on your birthday. 

At this point you’re likely wondering how we ate for $15 when dining with a party of four guests. Well, to be quite honest it’s rather simple. When we arrived at the restaurant we had full intentions of just ordering appetizers and then moving on to another Disney Springs area restaurant for dessert in order to try a few different locations all in one night.

In doing so, we ordered a Supersaurus Sampler which includes Chili con Queso Dip, Bruschetta, T-Rexadillas, and onion rings (you can add pork spare ribs for an extra $7.99). That particular item is designed to be an appetizer for four and it did not disappoint. It came to our table as a huge multi-tier display with plenty to eat for all four of us. We also opted to order a Colosso Beef Nacho which was listed as “for two” but could easily feed 3 or more guests without issue. The sampler priced out at $19.99 and the Nacho ended up being $17.99. Per the usual, our group all ordered water to drink because in the Florida summer heat there’s really no better option and it’s free so why not? The grand total came out to be right around $40 including tax. 

Obviously that’s not the $15 your read in the title, however, remember those gift card rewards we told you about earlier? This is where those come in handy. Before we chose to dine here we were emailed a $25 no questions asked reward for the birthday of the card holder. We applied that towards our meal and the total dropped to a shocking $15. Of course, we left a pretty decent tip as a result, but the experience overall was excellent. The food was great, but keep in mind it’s not necessarily designed to be a “luxury” experience. We had a ton food and we literally just ordered appetizers. So much food in fact that we decided to hold off on going to another restaurant for dessert and went to the Polynesian hours later for a Dole Whip instead. (please excuse the poor quality food photos, it was rainy this particular day so I left my Nikon DSLR in the room and just happened to have a photo of the entrance from another day of the trip).  

(Flash photos are the worst… lol)

Sure, it may not be a full meal for everyone, but $25 free once a year in your birthday month just for setting up a rewards card is something you don’t really want to pass up. Also worth mentioning is that Landry’s locations truly span the United States (over 600 locations) and chances are if you live in a relatively populated area you’re within driving distance of at least one of their locations. If you live in Orlando, there’s at least 4 on Disney property, and two or three more a few minutes away from Disney Springs.   

If you are interested in joining the plan, don’t feel obligated to do so because of me. The only reasons I share this is because we joined around 5 or 6 years ago when it was only $10 or $15 dollars to join and it has been worth it’s wait in gold. If you do want to join, you can do so at this link: Landry’s Select. Again, it makes no difference to me if you join or not, I don’t get kickbacks from them and really just wanted to share a neat program that many guests may be unaware of.   

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