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Whispering Canyon Breakfast – A Closer Look and Review

I am not a food critic. Truthfully, being born and raised in Kentucky, I’ve grown to really enjoy some of the simpler southern meals in life and that likely plays a role in how much I enjoy eating at Whispering Canyon. This restaurant, has been and likely always will be one of our favorite dining locations on property and one that we really do consider one of the rare unspoiled hidden gems of Walt Disney World today. Breakfast is no exception to that rather bold statement for a variety of reasons.    

With that being said, don’t go to Whispering Canyon expecting the same or even a similar experience to what you would find at a California Grill Brunch. If you do, you’ll likely be comparing apples to oranges for all intensive purposes. One is certainly no “better” that the other but expectations play a role in the experience and how you tend to perceive it. Whispering Canyon is unashamedly casual, especially at the breakfast meal time. At the same time, it is one of the most value oriented table service breakfast options on all of Disney property. 

What Does It Cost?

If we’re talking strictly breakfast you can expect the pricing to fall in the $15-$25 per adult guest category assuming everyone orders a drink (you can save a lot of money if you drink water). In our case, each of the four guests in our party opted for what is called the Canyon Skillet. The restaurant offers a “skillet” for every meal time and essentially its an all you can eat family style feast. If you run out of an item on the skillet just ask for more and it will arrive at your table momentarily. The cost of that particular option plays out to $19 per person and does not include your drink. It’s the highest priced entree on the menu but is closely followed by other options like Belgian waffles, Eggs Benedict, Banana Bread French Toast, and many other which you can check out in depth here. Each of those other items cost anywhere from $11-$15 and are typically fairly good sized portions a vast majority of guests will be happy with. 

Overall, you’re looking at a pretty budget friendly meal in the world of Disney prices. Something interesting to note is that this is far cheaper that other locations on property for a somewhat similar meal. The Canyon Skillet lays out unlimited scrambled eggs, country potatoes, bacon, sausage, Mickey waffles (which are always incredible!), Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits (very subtle cheddar flavor), and sausage gravy. If that’s not a good start to your day I’m not entirely sure what is. Interesting to note is that this is a fairly similar meal to what is served at some of the buffet and table service breakfasts at other more popular dining locations on property and the price is far more reasonable. If you’re looking for good food, and not too overly concerned about having to have characters at your meal, this is a top notch offering. 


Location is likely the sole reason Whispering Canyon has stayed somewhat of a “hidden gem meal.” Many guests are looking for two things out of breakfast at Disney. 1. That it is in the parks. or 2. That there are characters at the meal. Whispering Canyon does not check either of those boxes.

In my opinion, this isn’t an issue. If you plan your Magic Kingdom day or even an Epcot day carefully, it is extremely easy to get to Whispering Canyon for a good breakfast. Sure, you are looking at a 10-30 minute travel time inconvenience compared to a Crystal Palace breakfast or even a Garden Grill Breakfast, but at the same time the cost and experience make up for it.

Whispering Canyon is a lot of fun and with speculation of changes and potential impending adjustments to the location in time, now is a better time that ever to head over there and give it a shot. At this point, the happy go lucky, playful, and comical environment created by a clever and witty staff keeps guests excited and involved in the meal time festivities more so that many other dining experiences. It’s a fun environment if you can take a joke in good fun and in a family friendly way, while providing great food at a fair price. I am happy to report that not quite as many changes have occurred as social media exploded about a few weeks ago. Here’s a closer look at our first hand report on the “changes.” 

As an added bonus, you get to experience the truly breathtaking “wow factor” of the Wilderness Lodge lobby and the spectacular views the resort encompasses. It’s a little piece of nature right in the heart of Walt Disney World. On a side not… it’s also my idea of “camping”… that is, in a villa or deluxe resort with all the furnishing of a luxury hotel experience with a touch of nature thrown in the mix. Obviously, I’m not really the Fort Wilderness “camping” type as unique as that similar (yet different) property is. 

To get to Whispering Canyon you can do one of essentially three things. First, if you have a car you can always drive. Simply tell the cast member working the gate you have reservations and they’ll point you in the right direction (no parking fee required). Second, if you don’t have a car you can always make your way to any park and hop on a Wilderness Lodge bus. Perhaps the easiest way to get there is a boat from the Magic Kingdom. It’s a short ride and a surprisingly picturesque view of the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. Be aware of park opening times and consider trying this meal on an early entry day so that you can enjoy some attractions in the park early on then as the crowds build you can “escape” to a later breakfast. Lastly, you can combine monorail and boat transportation. If you’re at Magic Kingdom you can ride the monorail (or walk) to the contemporary, head downstairs and grab a boat to Wilderness Lodge. If you’re at Epcot, the monorail will get you to the Transportation and Ticket Center, where you can switch to the resort monorail and head to the Contemporary or Magic Kingdom to board a boat/bus to Wilderness Lodge. There are a ton of options to get here for breakfast, none of which are too overly complicated and all of which are free to use. 

Why We Ate Here And What I Recommend 

Truth be told, we ate here for three reasons. First, it’s kind of a tradition in our family to eat at Whispering Canyon at some point during our stay… mostly for the food. Second, we were already staying at the Boulder Ridge Villas of Wilderness Lodge so we were just a short walk away. For more of our thoughts on the room itself, check out our Disney’s Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge – An Excellent Villa Option post. Last, and perhaps most importantly, we were looking to see what changes had been made to the Whispering Canyon experience overall with the reports starting to surface of changes. 
However, that’s not necessarily why I recommend this location. Sure, it’s a fun environment and it’s pretty budget friendly, but more importantly, it’s a multifaceted experience. When you walk into Wilderness Lodge there’s a certain smell, a beautiful lobby, and a wow factor that is truly hard to describe in words. Pictures really do it no justice. There’s a warmth to the whole experience. 
Here’s what I recommend doing. If you’re going on a budget friendly trip, use this as a starting point for resort hopping on a non-park day. It is the perfect starting point. You can grab breakfast then catch a boat to Fort Wilderness or the Contemporary, and if you make your boat selections carefully or ride the monorail from the Contemporary you can make your way around to 5 different resorts quite easily to experience a little piece of each of them in one afternoon. Cap off the night with a spectacular view of Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After fireworks from the Contemporary or the beaches of the Polynesian and you’re set for a truly spectacular day, even if you don’t plan on going into the parks. 
Long story short, is this meal worth your time? In my honest opinion, the answer to that is a resounding yes! Go check it out, experience the resort, enjoy the meal, and I highly doubt you will be disappointed! 

Your Thoughts

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