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A Disney Hidden Gem Dining Location – Geyser Point Bar and Grill!

The quick service dining locations at Disney World resort hotels are what I consider one of the more overlooked aspects of a Disney vacation. Geyser Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the perfect example of a unique food location that so many guests completely overlook unless they’re staying at that particular resort. The location is perhaps a hidden gem simply because of the limited “press” or even the desire by those who eat there frequently to keep it a secret (and I can’t blame them). It truly is a memorable and fairly budget friendly dining location. 
Geyser point is perched right on the edge of Bay Lake with a shockingly picturesque and panoramic view of the Contemporary all the way across to Fort Wilderness. The dining area subtly blends in with the landscape and theming of the resort as a whole but remains minimalistic and open-air allowing guests to take in the views with little to no obstruction. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite places in Disney to just go sit and escape for a few minutes. You can enjoy a nice meal, share some conversation, and simply enjoy “being there” in the moment at a property so many of us know and love. 
The food is great and even though I’ve spent most of meals here carrying them away from the walk up counter, there is table service style dining available. The seating is fairly limited for table service and bar style lounging, but if you get there early enough it’s a great place to enjoy a few hours relaxing on the edge of the lake enjoying the views as the sun sets over the water.

How Is The Food? 

The food is nothing short of excellent for the money. It is a touch pricier that Casey’s or something similar in the parks, but the location and the benefits of the place itself tend to make up for the cost, especially if you take advantage of the semi-table service, almost lounge-like dining option. Again, I can only really speak to the walk up section of the location  but at the same time we have thoroughly enjoyed a few separate meals over the last few years at Geyser Point. 

As far as food specifics, I am notorious for trying burgers at Disney, because to be quite honest there aren’t that many great places to pick up a cheeseburger. There are a ton of good places to get a burger but very few that are “great.” I’m happy to share that the burger here with Bacon, Tillamook Cheddar, Lettuce and Tomato served on an Artisan Roll and choice of Multigrain Salad or Waffle Fries is one of the best meals for your money at the Disney resorts. It’s a great sized burger that’s not too filling but not overly small either. It’s the perfect lunch or dinner size for those looking to get full but not necessarily over eat in the process. The waffle fries paired with the burger are also quite outstanding. The fries are crisp and always seem to be made fresh for each guest. As a result, you do tend to have to wait a touch longer here for your food that other counter service locations, but the typical time frame is less that 10 minutes at the walk up window.

Another item we tried on our last visit was the smoked turkey sandwich topped with Lettuce, Tomato and Cranberry Mayonnaise served with choice of Multigrain Salad or Waffle Fries. The multigrain salad is a bit strange and truthfully included a few things in it that I didn’t entirely recognize so again, we opted for the fries based on past experiences. The sandwich was good, but the individual who ate a majority of it did say that they would order the burger next time instead of that particular meal item. The burger was a touch more expensive at $12.49 compared to the turkey at $10.49 but the rich in flavor Tillamook cheddar cheese on the cheeseburger really sets it apart and has made it our top pick here.           

Once your food is prepared, if you order it to-go, it’s carefully boxed up in little brown boxes that have a slight waxy texture to them that keeps ketchup and other things you may put in the box from seeping through. It’s not a huge detail, but always a plus if you plan on taking it to your resort room or for grabbing a bite of food on your way to your next location. Also worth mentioning is that if you are staying at the resort food can be brought right to your spot at the pool. 

The Atmosphere  

As many of you may know, I’m a sucker for Wilderness Lodge and it’s theming as a whole. If you’re not familiar with my unhealthy obsession (lol), check out our Disney’s Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge – An Excellent Villa Option post where I rave about that experience in great detail or even our Are Disney World Club Level Accommodations Worth It? post from our stay last year. Setting that aside though, Geyser Point is everything I think a blended dining experience should be. It has “table service” (in a way) for those who want it, a lounge style offering, and even a quick grab and go option. While the menu isn’t all that expansive, it does offer a little something for about every guests preferences. 

The standout aspect of this is, without a doubt, the environment. That view coupled with the right weather is an unbeatable combination. Truthfully, it can be very hot in the middle of the hottest summer days but early morning and late nights paired with multiple fans circulating the air makes for a great setting. 

We spent a morning here (before the bar area officially opened) talking with a friend and simply enjoying the seating. It turned out to be the perfect venue. The weather was spectacular and the quiet nature of the restaurant before the official table service option opened was the perfect combination. If you’re planning on a day of touring the resorts or even taking a break from the parks for a few hours, this is the ideal place to do it. Its a short boat ride from Magic Kingdom, a monorail and boat ride from any of the Magic Kingdom area resorts, and a short bus ride from any other park!  

Would I Recommend Geyser Point? 

As usual, at this point in the article, you likely know my answer. In this case it’s a resounding yes, but only in limited circumstances. If you’re traveling in the heart of the summer and looking for a lunch spot, skip this location! If you’re looking for a casual place to relax in the morning or catch a meal after the sun goes down, this is the perfect place to do so and one that I highly recommend. Breakfast is served here in a limited capacity but only in a counter service format. Truthfully, more that anything else, this is just a great place to hang out with a few friends or family. We’ve really enjoyed it time and time again, and it certainly gets our stamp of approval! 

Your Thoughts

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