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Mary Poppins Returns – A Film Walt Would Be Proud Of

In life there are so many things searching for our attention and often times the world around us tends to dictate what we do with each day and each pursuit in our lives. It’s an ever present struggle that our society often gets so wrapped up in that we forget to take the time to enjoy a bit of creativity and time to think outside of the box in all the right ways. 

You see, I’ve always been a proponent of trying new things and taking that first step in the right direction today that could change your life tomorrow. Nothing happens overnight, but with effort and a desire to pursue what you love doing more that anything else, virtually anything you wish to do in life is achievable more often that not. Mary Poppins Returns is the perfect story that encompasses that imaginative journey. It’s all about believing in the seemingly impossible and in many ways, both literal and figuratively, it’s something I know Walt would have been vastly proud of if he could have seen this film today. 

When Walt built Disneyland, he had a dream, and that dream wasn’t one of financial gains but rather one that many expected to fail. The idea seemed impossible on paper and at the very least was something that had never been done before. His creativity was the root of Disneyland’s success and Mary Poppins Returns encourages thoughts of creativity and thinking outside of the box and invites a whole new perspective for viewers while being reminiscent of the classic film so many appreciate.

Tucked deep in the details of the film you are taken back to subtle hints of the original soundtrack while a welcomed array of similar, yet different, songs arise in the most unique of ways. The story helps you appreciate the little things in life while being a larger that life story and uniquely different in all the right ways. 

If you’re a Disney history nut, you’ll appreciate a few particular scenes, but only one features a subtle few notes of a time honored classic Walt Disney was known to love. I won’t ruin the plot by spilling that little detail, but if you’re in the know, you’re in the know, and if not go watch Saving Mr. Banks or start reading up on the Sherman brothers to understand the heart behind one of the film’s finest moments. 

In regards to the plot itself, my only complaint would be a very brief one in that the film takes a bit longer that expected to “set the stage” and unveil the true context of the experience. In many ways, Mary Poppins Returns isn’t quite what you expect it to be (or at least it wasn’t what I expected it to be), but it still captures the essence of the original in a way that is quite difficult to explain in words. 

At it’s very core, this very well could be the “feel good” movie of the year for Disney fans and a story so many people will connect with on a personal level. There’s a piece of the story that everyone can relate to and it’s best described in the simplest of quotes, “Nothing’s gone forever, only out of place.”

Upon leaving the theater you can’t help but feel as if life is all just a matter of perspective and changing your perspective often reveals the most peculiar of results. 

In the end, Mary Poppins Returns is the holiday movie you should see. It’s “whimsical” in all the right ways, makes you reevaluate your perspectives, and the whole story is accompanied by one of the best casts they could have developed. It’s full of surprises, and a visit to the movie theater to see this should be on your “Christmas list” this year. 

As an added disclaimer, we weren’t at any media event for this film and we weren’t paid to give this review. As always, these are simply my honest thoughts and I have to say this film genuinely exceeded my expectations. 

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