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How a Disney Trip Can Change Your Perspective – A More Personal Story

So many of you know that I’m not the best person in the world at sharing personal stories. More often that not this site is all about planning tips, but on the rare occasion I do like to try and connect with you all in a new and different way. You can call it being authentic and open, or whatever you want to call it but at the same time I’m starting to realize that I can share all the trip planning tips in the world, but if it doesn’t share a story and a reason to make the journey to Walt Disney World I’m missing out on conveying perhaps the most important aspect of the entire Disney vacation experience. 

I truly believe that a Disney vacation can change your outlook on life time and time again and it has a way of putting life in perspective and conveying what really matters when it’s all said and done. Life, in my option, isn’t about accumulating things or having the latest and greatest stuff, but rather finding ways to enjoy every single day. Disney has a way of bringing that simple concept to the forefront of our minds time and time again. There’s no better way I can convey this that with a story of my own and one that honestly I’m a little hesitant to share for some reason or another.

If you follow along with our Instagram feed you may have noticed in our stories a few weeks ago that my dad and I made the journey to Walt Disney World on our own on a super last minute trip. Ironically, as the trip got closer we realized that we had never really gone to the parks without the entire family. Long story made short, we were hesitant of how the trip would play out but looked forward to it with eager anticipation as we do every Disney vacation.

I don’t know why and I don’t entire know how but it hit me during this trip that this may be the first and last time I get to spend a few days in the park alone with my dad. I hope that isn’t the case but with college drawing to an end, breaks going away, and the real world starting to set in, it really hit me that this was something special. On top of that it hit me how incredibly lucky I am to have a dad that love the parks just as much as I do and how fortunate I am to call my dad one of my very best friends in life. The trip was incredible and while I’ll spare you the full details it was one of those series of days in life where you couldn’t have wished for life to be any other way. 

It’s a strange concept to portray in words, but when life really is going in a hundred different directions and you don’t have any clue “what’s next” it’s an incredibly freeing experience to have a trip like this where you can simply enjoy a few days of escape from it all and you  cannot put a price on moments like that. 

I know, without a doubt in my mind, that one particular night on the Boardwalk and a meal at Cape May Cafe will always stick in my mind as one of my greatest memories in life. In all reality, there’s nothing I would have changed about that day, and if only for a brief few hours, life was exactly as it was supposed to be. We didn’t care about a “timeline”, or a work deadline, or even a single one of the many concerns that inevitably existed back home, and for a few hours we laughed at ridiculous jokes, risked our lives at the buffet, and capped the night off with a walk through Epcot and Illuminations. 

As soon as we returned home I knew that the trip was going to be implanted in my mind forever and would be one of those things we’ll talk about for years on end. 

I share this story for one main reason and it’s a concept that I try to put into words here time and time again that shares the reality that Disney really can change your perspective on life. I know some people reading this think I’m crazy but others understand the concept on a personal level. We’ve all created memories with family at Disney and while everyones story is different, those moments in time where nothing else really matters are some of the most reflective times of your life. In many ways it puts life into perspective and if even for a short few minutes, you realize that what really matters in life isn’t living a perfect life, but rather savoring the moments that make you really and truly happy in a way that is indescribable in words. 

So often in life we’re so caught up in what we “want” that we overlook what we really need. We may want the next big thing, but when you step back and experience a moment like this you really start to adopt a perspective where life is too short to worry about anything else but finding a way to be happy every single day of your life. 

Your Disney experience may be entirely different that mine, but I can guarantee that no matter what the crowds are like or how little or how much you planned your trip, moments like this are what you will genuinely remember years later and to me that’s all that really matters.     

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