Something I’ve never been overly good at, but also something I’ve always tried to make a priority with this site is being open and willing to talk about things that, at surface level, seem so unrelated to Disney that it’s mind blowing at times. I say that, because I really and truly believe that there’s something to be learned from every journey that you set out on in life, but in all reality it’s something I personally struggle to rationalize in my own mind.

I pride myself on trying to be open and honest and even a bit vulnerable at times on this site because, at the end of the day, so much of this is far more important than any planning tip I could share. I’m obviously not the picture perfect example of success (and likely never will be), but I do believe I come at things from a different perspective than some and to some of you that may be a good thing, while others may disagree with everything I say, but that’s OK!

In the big picture, I try to look at life from an optimistic perspective. Am I good at it? Not at all. At the same time, I find it important and perhaps my greatest recommendation to find any way you possibly can to chase a dream and do whatever you can to take one step every single day to somehow, some way, make you dreams a reality tomorrow. I believe in that more than anything and maybe this article is a reminder of that for myself more so than anything else.

You see, I’ve always had this inherent fear of going to work every day, punching a clock, and hating every single day of my life. Truthfully, that’s something that is vastly difficult for me to admit and put out there. However, I do so because I think it’s something that is important to share. I came to the realization a few short years ago that the vast majority of people spend there first 20 years of life learning, then from 20-70 they spend their life punching a clock and waiting on Friday to roll around. Then, as they approach 65 or 70, they try and retire only to figure out that retirement isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

To be quite honest, that “outline for life” terrifies me. In essence, it’s probably why this site exists, and why I try every day to find a way to not only help people but also to find a way to make what I love what I wake up and get to do every day. Notice how I say “get to do.” If you don’t “have to” go to work and instead you “get to” go to work, you’ve ultimately flipped the script. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Maybe that’s ultimately what this post is all about and maybe it will encourage just one person to follow a dream. A quote often floats around that essentially states that to get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done. That’s stuck with me in so many ways and is something I try to fall back on time and time again. In a round about way that could be why the term “influencer” has always bothered me in this content sharing journey. Don’t get me wrong, the people who use it have good intentions 99% of the time, but as soon as that label comes up I believe people in that position face a choice. One, you can follow the money, or two, you can use that platform to encourage people to follow their dreams and genuinely make something of themselves by metaphorically re-investing in the people that helped make your dreams a reality. The second option is what I hope we see more of in the future because that is genuinely what I believe will change how people think and how people interact with each other on social media and even in daily life.

If we spent as much time reporting the good things that happen in life as we spend reporting the negatives of life, could you imagine what the world around us would look like and how much happier people would be?! In a way, I think that’s something that Walt Disney may have hoped to convey in his statement, “I hope we never lose site of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse.” While so many Walt quotes get thrown around both in and out of context I cant help but think that Walt would support this point even if it wasn’t his original intention.

You see, for Walt it was never about him and what he could make of himself, but rather it was about inspiring others and creating and cultivating imagination in any and every way he possibly could. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part but I genuinely believe that Walt’s unbelievable success wasn’t about any one project but rather his ability to draw talent and creativity out of people that other individuals couldn’t or that other people never took the time to do.

I know this is a message of optimism, but ultimately I hope it conveys a bit of reality. While I may not have my life together and my dream may not be “accomplished” I can say that if you take a chance and commit to what you love, the results will exceed your wildest expectations. More importantly the people you meet will blow your mind in ways that I will never be able to convey in words.

At the end of the day, chasing your dream, trusting in yourself, and going out on a limb will never be something you’ll regret. If nothing else, you can learn more in failure than you ever can with continued success. Every set back is an opportunity to learn and reinvest in yourself for the future. If you’re following what you love, and you’re sharing what you love for the right reasons, there’s so much value in that to others and even for yourself. In a year from now, or even 6 months from now, you’ll never believe how far you’ve come. The kicker to it all is that it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do and that’s the part of all this that you never see.

Everyone that is successful has had that “rock bottom” moment where they wanted to quit. The overnight success story doesn’t exist. What you don’t see is the behind the scenes grind and passion that goes into everything that helps develop “successful people” with that so called picture perfect life so many of us dream of. Take a moment and realize that much of what you see isn’t all as it seems. Success isn’t about getting lucky but rather putting in the hours and hours of work that it takes to turn what you want into a real world reality. Again, I don’t consider myself the ideal “success story” and never will, but I find it important to share thoughts like this and maybe somehow encourage someone to start following a dream of their own.

I know it’s easier to look at life from this perspective as someone that’s 22 (as I am currently), but it’s never too late to start. Life is simply too short not to love what you do and find some way to do at least one thing every single day to chase whatever dream you may have. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, we’re not guaranteed the next 5 minutes, and ultimately nobody knows “what’s next” but I believe that any dream you follow will lead to a better future if you’re willing work hard and push to make your dream a reality.

Why I share this today, I’m not entirely sure. It was on my mind and hopefully it ends up helping someone else along the way. If this connects with even one person, I’ve met my goal for the day.