It will come as no shock at all to some of you that one of my all time favorite resorts at Walt Disney World is Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. The villas and ultimately Disney’s Boardwalk resort as a whole is perhaps one of the most picture perfect vacation destinations you’ll come across in my opinion. From the incredibly intricate theming, to the near perfect views that are showcased on the Boardwalk itself, to even the resort rooms, you’re always wrapped up in a level of detail that is largely unmatched by resort hotels outside of Walt Disney World.

I can remember oh so vividly on our last stay at the Boardwalk Villas (a few short weeks ago) spending the better half of my check-in day casually wandering the property, sitting out by the water, and ultimately being content enjoying the moment. I could have sit on this particular bench for hours soaking in the sun and enjoying every second of the atmosphere combined with picture perfect warm summer air with a light breeze drifting around.

I tell this short story because it really is the tale of the Boardwalk resort. It’s a place that you can go and be entertained by the nightlife but truthfully that’s not the whole story of this WDW resort. Instead, this is a place that is incredibly relaxing in perhaps the most unexpected of ways. Sure, you can be entertained for hours by the late night performers and night life, but at the same time you can walk to a quiet bench on the edge of the lake and peer out across the water with no distractions. It’s a simple joy of just being there and an incredible spot to clear your head or gear up for the next days activities at the end of the night.

Why The Boardwalk Villas Could Be The Perfect Family Resort

In the big picture, I see the Boardwalk Villas in particular as the ideal family resort for a lot of reasons. For those of you who may not know, the Boardwalk Inn and Boardwalk Villas are technically two entirely different sections of the overall Boardwalk Resort. It’s incredibly confusing but in the simplest of descriptions, the villas are more spacious than a standard resort room and oddly enough don’t always accompany a higher price tag. With that additional space in the 1 bedroom villas and larger, you also have the benefit of a full size refrigerator and even a small kitchen to round out the in-room amenities. Additionally, as you walk in the lobby, the villas will be on your left hand side (many of which overlook pools or resort grounds) and on your right will be the Inn.

The Inn is more like a standard hotel room. There are more “upgraded rooms” and some unique room types but for the most part expect a standard two queen room with great theming.

All things considered this is my “go-to” family resort because there really is something for everyone. The kids can enjoy the excellent pool (complete with a creepy clown slide…), you can go fishing in Crescent Lake for an additional fee, you can walk to Disney’s Fantasia miniature golf, and to top it all off you’re just minutes from Epcot and Hollywood Studios walking or riding the free boat transpiration. At the end of the night, you can catch a free movie on the village green, risk your life in a surrey bike racing the path around the lake, or even make the stroll over to the Yacht and Beach Club for a campfire with smores on the beach! There’s so much to do that I could never possibly list it all here!

The Boardwalk Villas 1 Bedroom Rooms in Particular

Now this certainly wouldn’t be a full review without diving into the details of our specific 1 bedroom Boardwalk Villa so let’s dive right into it! It is worth mentioning though that all of these rooms will certainly vary from room to room. No two rooms are identical and our view was certainly a bit out of the ordinary.

The room itself is great and was very roomy considering we were traveling with a family of four adults. However, it’s not perfect and the actual walk to your room can seem incredibly long at times if you’re not used to staying at this particularly resort.

In the big picture though, it’s a very small sacrifice for an otherwise outstanding resort and resort location.

Inside the room, the one bedroom villas are set up with a roll out couch, a washer and dryer, a living room area, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and a second partial bathroom with a tub and sink area complete with a closet. The room is very spacious and also has a walk out balcony that stretches across both the bedroom and the living area (as seen below).

In all honesty, the in room theming isn’t perfect. It’s not that super “home-y” feel you get at Wilderness Lodge but at the same time it feels quite luxurious and offers up a lot of white shades that largely match the rest of the resort. If you’ve visited the Boardwalk and enjoy the theme, you’ll likely love the rooms as well.

The Views

I include this as it’s own sub section because I genuinely believe that it is one of the true highlights of the resort experience. For the most part, it seems as if anywhere you go on this property, there’s always a stunning view of something. You may not have the picture perfect view over Crescent Lake, but you might just catch a view of Tower of Terror from your balcony, a partial view of the pool, or even quite possibly a view of the Swan and Dolphin in the distance. If all else fails, you’re just steps away from perhaps one of the single most spectacular sunset spots in all of Walt Disney World.

A sunset on the Boardwalk is really something you can’t describe. The feeling of just being there in the moment without a worry in the world is simply unbelievable. As day turns to night, the environment changes and you’ll be shocked how one stunning view turns into another stunning view with an entirely different, yet equally as incredible, feel.

Even if you choose to stay at a different resort, this is certainly a place you want to stop by to enjoy a good meal, sit and relax for a bit, or even simply escape the crowds of Epcot for a few brief moments.

Wrapping Up The Boardwalk Villas Review

Truthfully, I could go on and on about this resort for hours and I’ve talked about it time and time again here on the site, but in the big picture this is a resort that is probably in my top 3 in all of Walt Disney World. Why? Because there’s simply so many things working for it. It’s steps away from Hollywood Studios and Epcot, it has a great pool, it has great food options (even though quick service is somewhat lacking), and ultimately there’s something for everyone here. Combine that with the fact that I’ve stayed here multiple times and never had even a remotely bad experience and you’ve got a show stopping winner in my opinion!

Your Thoughts

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