If you’re new to Disney, you’re probably wondering what in the world is this guy talking about. Bear with me while I explain. In the realm of Disney parks and resorts there’s this go-to term that often get’s thrown around called the “I get it” moment. It sounds absurd but once it makes sense to you, you know exactly, without a shade of doubt, what I mean.

It’s a feeling you can’t explain and for every single person it’s different. It sounds like sorcery, but it isn’t and it’s a different thing that triggers it for each and every person. So, while I can’t tell you exactly how to create it, here’s why it means so much to oh so many of us.

In life I often tend to believe in the fact that everyone needs a place to escape, a place to set the world aside, and a place where there is an overwhelming sense of calmness that sweeps over them. Everyone has their “place” but for many of us that place is Walt Disney World. It’s not the parks, it’s not the resorts, it’s not any particular moment but at some point you know that if you go to Disney you are going to be able to escape to that happy place during your vacation. While that’s all fine and good, it’s an entirely different thing to experience it yourself and an incredible experience to see that feeling flash through someone else. You can see it in there eyes and for the briefest of moments you know and they know that everything feels right, even if it is for just a few quiet seconds.

You see it when you’re standing there watching fireworks and you take a moment to look around at the faces of the guests in the crowd. Then, you catch a glimpse of grow man, with his child close by and you see the tears running down his face and you just know that in that moment somebody just “got it.” It’s that moment that you realize that Disney isn’t about the attractions, it isn’t about the shows, and it isn’t about anything that Disney creates in particular but rather this culmination of feelings on the grandest stage imaginable that all hit you at once.

It’s indescribable, but that moment is so much more than a show, or any number of culminating factors. Instead, it’s about that memory you’re creating in the moment. It’s something you know you’ll never forget and it’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness right then and there that so often gets overlooked in our daily lives. The people you’re with are what really matters. We can talk about new attractions and any number of additions to the parks, but at the end of the day, none of it matters! The only thing that matters is that feeling and for oh so many of us it’s the reason we’ll never be able to get enough of the parks.

Life has a way of throwing us unexpected curve balls, but when you have those memories to fall back on, you have everything you’ll ever need. And when you have that place that you know you can go to hit the reset button in your mind and feel that overcoming feeling for even a few hours, or even quite possibly a few minutes, it makes all the difference in the world. THAT, my friends, is why we go to Disney time and time again and THAT is why it makes us all so incredibly happy to see that dad with his child on Main Street.

Then, when you meet people that understand that exact feeling you’re never without a friend in this community. I believe that more than just about anything. The people I’ve met that understand that exact moment have become some of my dearest friends in life. That makes all the difference in the world. You may be miles apart but those are people that you never forget.

I know this article will mean very little to most people but to a select few I know it might just take you back to that happy place and trigger a memory in your mind that has stuck with you for generations. Personally, it takes me back to a quiet night sitting in the lobby of the Boulder Ridge Villas with my sister or a quiet stroll around Crescent lake over at the Boardwalk long after the parks close or even simply a walk down Main Street surrounded by people having the time of their life. My friends, that’s all that really matters. It’s why I do what I do and it’s the part that I’ll never be able to explain.

Thanks for being on this journey with me but today I hope that even in the simplest of ways this short series of statements brings back memories that touch your heart time and time again. I may not be able to explain the feeling but go and experience it for yourself and one day you’ll “get it” and chances are it will be when you least expect it. That’s it from me for now, but that’s been weighing on me the last few hours and I know it might just mean something to some of you all as well.

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