At this point, you likely know that Disney+ is officially live. For those who don’t know, the endeavor is Disney’s first ever true content streaming service. It not only includes classics from the vault but also difficult to find films that had all but disappeared. However, Disney had one more trick up their sleeve and brought with this release an announced amount of original and never before seen content. That, my friends, is where The Imagineering Story comes into play.

From the very first trickle of information that rolled out about this series, I was hooked and knew that I would find some way to give it a watch. Today, when the streaming service of Disney+ went live Episode one was instantly on my radar and the first piece of content I turned to. I was beyond excited and after watching it twice today, I have to say this is the content I’ve been waiting on Disney to produce for years. Not only is the story one the most heartfelt renditions of Disney’s past and Walt Disney himself that we’ve seen in years but it also conveys a much deeper story.

In many ways, The Imagineering Story exemplifies the fact that there is, in so many ways, more to Disney parks than just attractions. It’s a heart grabbing reality that drives repeat guests and develops this all encompassing place where people can genuinely step back from the real world and be in a place where happiness has no boundaries. That’s what these parks are all about. I preach that message here on my site all day long but when you hear the words flow from Walts mouth through recordings and the heart felt sentiments of Imagineers recounting the stories of the parks, I know that it will develop that realization in so many.

In a similar way, this series brings to so many of us the heart of the Disney parks to our own homes. It’s an escape from reality while sitting in your living room but also a testament to a far greater message. The message of Walt Disney and his true goal to bring a happy place to people of all ages. There’s a quote in this first episode and it says to the effect that Walt Disney brought a sense of happiness and freedom from reality that far exceeded thousands of therapists efforts around the globe. You know… they certainly have a point.

For so many of us the message of Disney isn’t a place to go ride attractions but rather a place to escape from the world in a way that continuously exceeds our wildest expectations. It’s why we go back time and time again, it’s why we love these parks, and ultimately it’s what keeps so many of us going day in and day out. It’s a subtle message of hope and peace in a world that tends to try and constantly capture our attention in ways that are often negative rather than optimistic.

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I don’t know the minds behind this project, but my hat is off to them. I could go on for days about how much I enjoyed this but I’ll let you check it out for yourself first.

I was not asked to write this review and was not paid to do so. It really is that good in my opinion. This series alone is worth the monthly subscription cost.

If you’re looking to sign up, head over to the Disney+ site or download the app on your favorite smart device and sing up there.

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