I debated writing this post so late in the year because truth be told accommodations for a holiday Disney World stay between now and the end of the year are few and far between. Resort rooms are about booked solid and crowds are going to be very very strong around the holidays. So I thought maybe I’ll save this one for next year. Then I realized something important and it’s something I had to share.

A few short days ago we returned from a whirl wind Disney vacation that we booked the weekend before we arrived. The funny thing is and the important thing to note is that it was one of our best trips ever and we booked everything in one week. Are we kind of nuts? Sure! Did we miss some of our favorite things, of course! But the important thing to note is that we didn’t focus on attractions, we didn’t watch very many shows, we didn’t wait in insane lines despite it being a holiday weekend, and instead we just enjoyed the atmosphere.

I think that’s vastly important to note because when you take a trip during the holidays, you have to expect huge crowds, but more importantly you have to manage your expectations. You’re not going to ride every attraction in the park. It simply will not happen. If you try to you’ll just get hopelessly frustrated and end up having a negative experience. On the contrary, if you go into it with the perspective of just having a good time, enjoying the decor, special holiday activities, and other fun offerings like dining and street shows, you’re still going to have an unbelievable vacation. Plus you will do so without stressing over long queues and fastpass+ availability. You can just enjoy being there.

To show you what I mean, here’s a quick story. One of the most memorable moments we had on this recent trip was a boat ride from Magic Kingdom to Wilderness Lodge. We sat out front on the few open air bleacher seats of the boat and one of the captains walked out and shared a conversation with us as the boat traversed its way across the lake. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and that simple moment meant more to any of us than any attraction. It’s the perfect example of what I like to call an experiential mindset.

Similarly, we took a night and booked a quiet meal over at Trails End at Fort Wilderness Campground. While I hope to review the full meal soon, the dining location was decked out for the holidays, the seating was warm and welcoming, the food was excellent, the cast was so very kind, and the whole experience wrapped you in this warm embrace of holiday cheer and southern comfort. My friends, that’s what holidays at Disney are all about.

So, when I say you should visit during the holidays, this is where my mind wanders to. Of course, you have wonderful things going on like the Christmas parties, the projections on Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, Jingle Bell Jingle Bam, the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs, story tellers at Epcot, and the list goes on. However, one thing remains perfect about it all… it’s not about any wait time or any attraction and it makes all the difference in the world.

It’s that simple joy that I always hope to convey here on the site. The highlight of a Disney experience is the joy of being there in the parks and at the resorts than it is anything else. Christmas in the parks is the perfect example! As you can imagine, when I say go “despite the insane crowds” it’s not that Christmas is inherently better than any other time of year, but rather that the crowds shouldn’t be a deterring factor from you having fun in the parks any time of year.

Enjoy being there in the moment, and nothing else really matters. So often in life we worry about getting things done and accomplishing the next task that we can forget to enjoy each and every day of this journey we call life. Make the most of every minute and make every moment in life one that you’ll never forget. So often that concept is the key to being happy every single day. Don’t ever forget to make your life one you love living.

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