At the time of writing this, the Disney Parks are closed and I know so many of us are looking to get that “Disney fix” even if we’re eagerly anticipating a trip in the near future. Nonetheless, so many of us face this reality of not being able to be in the parks on a near daily basis. So, why not put together a list of 10 Ways to Experience Disney World at Home to share today!

In the case of full disclosure, a few of the products and sites listed on this page do belong to the companies friends of mine own. However, none of them even know I’m writing this article so they most certainly have not paid me to do so (nor would I let them if they tried).

Instead, these are things that help me as a non-local when I really have that odd and surprising need to drift away to my escape from reality for even just a brief few moments while miles away from the magic.

If you’re reading this from the outside (metaphorical) looking in as a non-Disney parks fan, some of this may sound a bit absurd. But, for us die hard Disney fans, these are ways to reconnect with a place that so many of us call our home away from home.

So here are a few ways to experience Disney World at Home:

  1. Using 360 Degree Park Video
  2. Surrounding Yourself With Scents From the Parks
  3. Setting Up Sounds From the Parks
  4. Taking Part In a Disney Community
  5. Adding Little Touches of Magic To Your Decor
  6. Planing Your Next Trip
  7. Setting Aside Some Time to Combine the Sensory Experience
  8. Capture your Favorite Spot at WDW
  9. Start Something New – Clear Your Head
  10. Talk to Someone About It – The Ultimate Solution at Times

Now, I almost hesitate to share my list for a few reasons. One, this is actually a pretty personal topic and one that I’ve only shared with a select few people I really trust with just about anything. Truth be told, much of these things out of context would seem very odd from the perspective of a non-Disney fan. However, I think a few of you may really appreciate this and for that reason I’ll give away a few of my secrets.

Disney World at Home With The Power of 360 Degree Video

Disney World at Home With The Power of 360 Degree Video

The technology that brings to life 360 degree and 180 degree video these days can be downright mind blowing. While most of us don’t really have the gear to make this happen, Jason of Here With the Magic has done that for us. Having seen the process it takes to make it happen first hand, it’s a shockingly accurate portrayal of the parks and resorts.

While so many are doing things in the video space at Disney, this really is different. Not only is it literally video that surrounds you at times (and that is viewable on your mobile device or VR headset). It is combined with multi directional audio that quite literally gives you an accurate representation of standing there in the moment. It’s unique to say the least and an incredible way to get your Disney fix in a pinch. Throw on some headphones and you’re there for just a few minutes!

Disney World at Home With The Scents that Capture the Heart

If you want to go a step further in creating Disney World at home, I highly recommend combining that visual and audio experience with scents reminiscent of the parks. Now, there are a lot of people who make scents from the Disney parks, but only one I could fully recommend. That is Core Memory Candles (Not sponsored at all! I even bought one.)

The candles produced aren’t trying to replicate any particular attraction or any particular spot on property but rather draw you into a moment in time. It’s similar to when you’re walking down a street and catch a smell of something that triggers your mind to think about a special place in Disney. These aren’t replications of scents, but rather sensory experiences that get your mind thinking and recalling all kinds of wonderful experiences in the parks and beyond.

Disney World at Home With The Scents that Capture the Heart

It’s a unique concept to say the least and a series of scents that won’t run your friends out of a room. Instead, it might have them asking, “Where can I get that candle?” as non-Disney fans as well!

Disney World at Home With My Favorite Sounds of the Disney Experience

Sounds are such an incredible trigger of memories in our minds. To me, it’s not quite as powerful as the sense smell, but nonetheless it’s a powerful emotional connection to something in our lives.

Now, this is the part I hesitate to share. Often times I’ve been known to sit in my office, light my Winter Lodge Candle, and play a playlist on Spotify someone expertly crafted from the many songs played at Wilderness Lodge. I just sit there and drift off to that perfect spot in my mind.

My Favorite Sounds of the Disney Experience

Many of you know I have a slight obsession with the Boulder Ridge Villas of Wilderness Lodge and that entire lobby area. This combination takes me there in my mind like nothing else ever does.

For others, there are hundreds of Disney parks oriented playlists on Spotify and they truly are perfect for triggering the mind and so many incredible memories when you’re at your worst or even quite possibly just need some escape from reality for a few moments. I know we all need that from time to time no matter if we think we do or not.

Experience Disney World at Home by Taking Part In A Community

I can not stress enough how important it is to be involved in some kind of Disney community where you can interact with like minded people in a positive space. Be aware that there is a lot of negativity in this space from time to time and look for the good in this community of content creators. I don’t claim to have the biggest and best community group on Facebook, but I know there are some incredible people there that would love to talk to you and put a little bit of Disney in your day!

Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes and an online community of like minded Disney fans in similar situations can be such a blessing!

Disney - Taking Part In A Community

Add Disney World To Your Home

I know this particular tip may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do highly recommend bringing some subtle Disney touches from the parks into your home. I’m not a huge proponent of a giant mickey picture on the wall, but to each there own!

At the same time though, I love it when homes have a subtle Disney flare to them with a picture of a Disney sunset on the wall, or even a small statue of Walt and Mickey on the mantle. Those little touches can really put you in a different mindset and give you a little piece of Disney World at home.

Planning Your Next Trip!

As the simplest tip on this list, start planning your next trip! Some people have even told me they plan fake trips and just enjoy the process of doing so! I’ve never gone quite that far but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea!

Add Disney World To Your Home

Slowing Down Life for a Few Minutes

If we’re all honest with ourselves, one of the many joys of Disney is being able to step back and let the worries of daily life drift away for a few days. It’s the reason we all have a hard time seeing the parks closed and it’s the same reason so many of us long for future days in the parks when we can’t be there.

As much as we hate to admit it, there is a way to get that same feeling at home. Start to try and be cognizant to recognize when you’re pushing yourself too far and when you need a break. Take 5 minutes per day and stop, set everything aside, and just sit away from everything else and think about something positive. You may even want to try and think about nothing in particular at all. Just let your mind wander and let the stress drift away for a moment.

We all claim we don’t have time to think, but we all have 5 minutes to set aside to decompress. It can make a huge difference in fighting that urge to be in the parks because it brings a small piece of that escape the Disney parks provide into your daily life. I don’t want to hear the “I don’t have time” excuse that we all use (including me). Everyone has five minutes in the shower, or even five minutes before bed to put the phone away and the technology away and simply let it all out for a minute. It’s more important than you realize.

Disney World at Home - Canada

Capture Your Favorite Location and Replay It Back At Home

As perhaps the simplest item on my list of ways to experience Disney World at home, I’d recommend capturing a few spots that mean so much to you in particular and replaying them. Next time you’re in the parks, capture a short 10-60 second video of your favorite spot. When you need that “Disney fix” pull out your phone and watch it. It’s amazing at times how helpful this can be.

Not only is it helpful but since it is your perspective you can remember the storyline behind the moment. You can bask in the story the spot tells for you. You can relive a moment in time with friends or family you care the most about, and for a brief second you’ll have that escape from reality in the most perfect of ways.

Start Something New – Clear Your Head

I share this point because it’s often how so many of us got started in this Disney space. One day we were caught in this place where we wanted to be at Disney but there was some roadblock in the way. Instead of just squandering in self pity (ok, I do that too sometimes if I’m completely honest lol), a lot of us in this Disney space just decided to create something and start forming friendships with people in this space. One thing lead to another and here we are today.

Galaxies Edge

While I’m not telling everyone to go out and start a Disney project I would recommend you find something you love that you might just be able to incorporate Disney into along the way. Then, that “Disney fix” is always there when you need it and the activity that harkens each persons mind back to Disney is going to be oh so different time and time again. Mine is often times writing here on the site or playing a little golf to clear my head and be outdoors for a bit. To me, that feels a lot like Disney. I’m outside, surrounded by friends, and this inherent break from the daily grind.

Everyone is different but you should try and find something that helps you experience Disney World at home. There’s something unique each and every one of us can do.

Talk to Someone About It – The Ultimate Solution at Times

I know I said at the beginning of this list that some of my friends names or products would appear in this text, but the far more important reality is the fact that they’re people all of you could talk to. I’m very keen and willing to push my own community but I also recognize that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that is certainly ok! So, I present you with options, and in no particular order here they are:

Awesome Communities:

  • The Box People of WDW Radio with Lou Mongello (the classic but perhaps the strongest community in this space)
  • The Castle Run from Lisa DiNoto Glassner (for the runners and those that love a personal and relatable story)
  • Here With the Magic from Jason Canapp (the newest of the community but also one of the most immersive concepts in this Disney space to really capture the feeling of being there in the parks)
  • For the Brazilian audience, be sure to look to my buddy Carlos of Ponto Orlando
  • and of course there’s always me. Right here where you already are.

I share all of those names because often times what we need more than anything at times is someone who gets it and someone who is willing to talk to you and listen. Like minded people can help us find community in ways that you never expect and I would really recommend you start engaging with these folks online because I know they’ll bring a little piece of Disney into your home each and every day. They may not be perfect all the time but they are seriously authentic people in this space and that’s not always easy to come by.

Well wishes my friends and hopefully these things bring a little Disney World into your home.

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Your Thoughts

As always, if you have thoughts, concerns, questions, or even some tips of your own to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or your favorite social media platform. Give us a follow while you’re there, and we’ll keep the conversation going in the future. We’re not the largest Disney community, but we’re one that’s here and one that listens. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day wherever you are!

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