My friends, it’s been an odd week. For so many of us it’s been a week of things we never expected to happen, a week of so much sadness, and a week that turned many of our lives upside down. I’m here to tell you though, we’re still incredibly blessed.

Imagine for a moment, the realities of life and the joys we welcome time and time again, even in the most difficult times our nation faces. There is so much good still all around us every single day.

None of us know what’s next but at times that’s far more of a benefit than it is a hindrance. Life works in such incredible ways sometimes and I firmly believe that things do happen for a reason. Just for a minute let’s imagine… let’s just try. Imagine a world where many of us get to set aside our normal jobs and spend time with those that mean the world to us time and time again, day after day. Imagine what that would be like. It’s not a world of disappointed and sadness but rather one full of joy and a connection with those that mean the absolute most to us.

It’s such an incredible blessing to live in a world where our daily lives involve spending time with those we care the most about. So many of us are incredibly blessed. Those of us who don’t feel as blessed, I think it’s important to look around ourselves and remember how many wonderful things have been placed in our lives. It’s not always the big things in life that mean the most, but so often the littlest of moments and the littlest of blessings that truly transport our lives. Having friends to support us, a family to care about us, and a life to be grateful for.

My friends, if nothing else, this trying time in life often shows us who really means the world to us and who will support us in the worst of the worst and the best of the best scenarios. There is so much to be thankful for in that statement. Sure, it’s an incredibly tough reality to face at times and each day can be very tough. Anxiety is high and freedom feels limited. However, look at the sacrifices being made for other human beings in this world right now. That is a truly magical thing.

Things like this are never warranted but at times they can be an enormous blessing in disguise. I know some of you probably think I’m crazy. You might just call me a dreamer, but at the same time there’s this inherent realization that life can help us center our focus, show us who cares the most, and what’s genuinely important to us.

This isn’t some grand scary time, but instead a chance to try our very best to look at adversity as an opportunity to look at our lives and take a short inventory of what’s truly important. If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s likely a very short list. Near the top of that list is having someone who cares about us, having someone to care about, and having a goal to strive to achieve. All of us have those things, and if you doubt it, please know this. If you stopped here today to read this, I care about you, and I know you care about someone else, and I know your life is going to generate some incredible goals for you today and if not today, soon.

Life works in weird ways. Relax, take a moment to clear your head, close your eyes, and find some way to let that anxiety drift away. It’s not an easy time right now, but the important part of it all is to be positive and to be happy about something every single day. Find some way to live for today. Tomorrow is special but today is where your happiness lives. Never forget that and find every single way possible to keep a smile on your face today. Honestly, my friends, this has been the hardest week I’ve had in quite some time, but things do happen for a reason. If I can sit here and share that and help even just one person keep a bit of positivity today, it was well worth a moment or two of vulnerability.

Take this encouragement and reiterate it with anyone stressed to the max in your life. This all soon will pass, and the lessons we learn now may be some of the greatest blessings life throws at us. Keep that in mind and find ever possible way to live life to the fullest even in uncertain times. Tell your family you care about them, cherish this time with them, and soak up every second you can. Time marches on and life truly works in some odd ways. Keep your head up and never forget to smile. It truly does make a difference.

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