Honestly, I’ve been almost hesitant to post any planning articles right now. For multiple reasons it doesn’t quite feel like the right thing to do. There’s just so much unknown and so many different timelines with Disney at the moment (Early April 2020) and I hate to offer trip planning advise when nobody really knows when the parks are going to reopen. With that being said, there is something I’d like to talk through today, and that’s the frequently asked question of “What will Disney World crowds be like after reopening?”

Now, I’ve heard this question of “What will Disney World crowds be like after reopening?” interpreted a few ways and asked a few ways so let me be clear in saying that I’m not going to try and predict crowds for certain weeks or months. Legitimately, that would be a shot in the dark. Instead, I want to look at this on a broad scale interpretation and I think when you do that you tend to fall into one of two camps that both have a great deal of merit. 1. Disney will be insanely crowded when it reopens almost immediately. or 2. The parks will be much quieter at first and then possibly have a fall boom in attendance numbers.

What will Disney World crowds be like?

My Thoughts on What Could Happen with Disney World Crowds

Personally, I tend to fall into the second camp and there’s a pretty exponential reason for it. When these parks open, I tend to believe that people will be hesitant to travel. Additionally, I think there’s so much unknown, even on the Disney side of things, that some people will wait to book anything until Disney pushes out a reopening date (which I won’t even hazard a guess as to when that will be… at least not in writing here). While the bookings will likely back fill quickly, I think we’ll see a series of very soft crowd weeks.

Realistically, the only thing that even slightly resembled an event even slightly comparable to this was 9/11. Now, I don’t think the travel industry will face a hurdle like that with this, but I do think there will be some inherent hesitation to travel. Also worth noting is that there are an incredible number of local passholders that are chomping at the bit to get back in the parks as soon as possible. However, that isn’t going to fill resorts.

Castle Disney Land crowds be like after reopening?

Also worth noting is that most people have an inherent fear of the unknown to some varying extent. There is a lot of unknown when it comes to these parks and travel as a whole right now. I don’t think people are going to be too keen on booking hopeful travel dates that may or may not play out. That is especially true with the financial impacts many prospective guests are currently and will be facing. In those cases, tying up a significant amount of money into a theoretical vacation may not be high on the priority list.

At the end of the day, when these parks open back up, it will simply be a blessing to be there and I hope to be there as soon as I can, if not the first day they reopen. Will it be odd? Absolutely! Will it be wonderful and a day full of memories? Of course!

How We Might Want To Look At This Reopening in A Positive Light – “What will Disney World Crowds be like after reopening?”

I was going to touch on the other thought process mentioned above at this point in the article but I believe there’s something more important to share.

Think about, just for a moment, how much happiness is going to be on Main Street USA that day. Can you imagine the smiles, the laughter, and the pure happiness that will surround each and every person? We won’t be complaining about wait times, lines at quick service dining locations, or even the heat of the day when it inevitably ends up being a 98 degree day in Florida. We will simply be happy to be there and happy to be in a place that so many of us call “home” in the most wonderful of ways. That feeling will transcend any answer to the question of “What will Disney World crowds be like after reopening?”

What will Disney World crowds be like after reopening?

I think that concept is so pivotal to this conversation and beyond worth noting. Just close your eyes and imagine walking under the train station on that first day of reopening. My friend, I can feel the joy sitting here typing the words right now. It’s going to be the most incredible feeling and that’s not going to be due to any crowd level but rather the simple joy of being able to enter our “happy place” all over again. It will be like seeing the park for the first time again. I will do just about anything to be there and see that in the moment. That will be a smile you won’t be able to wipe off of your face after so much negativity, loss, and unhappiness in society around us for weeks on end. It WILL be a magical day to say the absolute least.

However, I think that feeling will sweep well beyond the parks and on out into the hearts of everyone in this Disney community. It will be a happy day to say the very least. That’s the important thing to remember in all of this. There is always a silver lining to every situation. We just have to take the time to find it. Optimism is a powerful thing and being able to find happiness even in the face of the toughest things life throws at us is perhaps one of the greatest life skills and mindsets we could ever adopt.

if you are needing a little encouragement, I invite you to read My Open Letter of Encouragement During a Tough Time

You may call me hopelessly optimistic, but in my opinion that’s one of the the greatest complements anyone could ever give.

Your Thoughts 

What do you think. What will Disney World Crowds be like after reopening? As always, if you have thoughts, concerns, questions, or even some tips of your own to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or your favorite social media platform. Give us a follow while you’re there, and we’ll keep the conversation going in the future. We’re not the largest Disney community, but we’re one that’s here and one that listens. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day wherever you are!

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