Helping You Capture The Moments You'll Never Forget

My goal is to help you learn and further develop your photography skillset with one on one sessions that truly put you in the drivers seat. Let me help you discover your creativity and streamline your learning curve in capturing, editing, and sharing photos that you never thought you were capable of! I understand how intimidating this skillset can be starting out! I started from nothing and taught myself the ropes. Now it's my turn to change the way you look at photography and your capabilities!

I built my brand around a reputation in the world of Disney and travel photography. While I'll never claim to have it figured out, learning this craft and developing the skillset has played pivotal roles in my own personal life, while also benefiting business endeavors! In doing so I've successfully:

  • Featured on Walt Disney World Social Media Accounts on Multiple Occasions
  • Uncovered industry secrets to capture difficult scenes in the most trying lighting situations
  • Developed new ways to promote and reach an audience on multiple social media platforms
  • Learned the intricacies of HDR photography
  • Mastered the exposure pyramid with a working knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, and iso in nearly any situation
  • Developed an expertise in Adobe Lightroom editing software and other photo editing programs
  • Uncovered the intricacies of fireworks photography and light trails
  • Learned enough about photography gear and products in the space to give the most practical advice when carrying gear in theme parks and other travel related gear limiting situations

Not Quite Ready to Dive In? Start with a Discovery Session!

Everybody needs a good starting point and this is quite possibly the best place to start. It rarely takes the most expensive gear or the most elaborate setup to capture incredible moments. I started my photography journey with a very basic Nikon DSLR and slowly but surely worked my way into the Sony Mirrorless system. So, when I say I've tried this at all price points, I can say that with full confidence in my recommendations.

If you're looking for help deciphering the details, come on back over here and book a 30-minute discovery session where we can talk through it one on one and get you on the right track that aligns with your goals!

The 3 Session Package

Photography help at your convenience! This is the best value I offer. We can start with the basics and dive into the details with a customized multi-part plan surrounding your individual photography goals.

My goal is to set aside time with you to be one on one and invested in your growth at whatever stage of the photography learning process you are in. We are all always learning and developing new ways of doing things, but there's a huge advantage in having someone there to help decrease the learning curve and answer the questions you need answered right there in the moment! This package can include so many different elements of photography catered to your goals!

A few features of these sessions include:

  • Customized One on One instruction using video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Every single session is 60 minutes and customized to your unique needs!
  • Learn your cameras intricate settings and options (or even learn more about your iPhone settings!)
  • Learn to edit in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Develop an understanding of portraiture in natural lighting to capture family memories
  • Learn to shoot, layer and create HDR (high dynamic range) images
  • Develop an understanding of your gear, shutter speed, aperture, and iso
  • Dive into the benefits and drawbacks of high iso photography
  • Learn how to watermark your images
  • A closer look at my image distribution and social media growth strategies (if applicable to your goals)
  • Uncover an understanding of bulb mode for light trail photography
  • We can cover as much or as little of the details as you'd like!
  • This package includes ongoing individual feedback on your photos and tips and tricks designed to help you long after your session ends. Consider this your direct line to feedback and support!
  • We all grow best when we have a support system in place to share successes, kindly critique, and welcome new ideas!

The Individual 60 Minute Session

Sometimes we all need a little help in a shorter, more niche specific area. That's where the Individual 60 Minute Session steps up! Book a single hour at your convenience to talk photography, get gear recommendations, learn social media techniques to share your images, or simply to talk through a piece of the photography realm that you don't quite fully understand.

Leave a comment in your booking on what you'd like to cover and we'll dive right in. We'll set aside 60 minutes to really focus on what you need and what you want out of your photography learning experience!

  • Customized One on One instruction using video conferencing and screen sharing
  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • Receive example raw files from my collection to adapt and learn with when necessary (HDR Bracketing, Shallow Depth of Field shooting and editing, and many other situations!)
  • Individual attention to answer your questions and help you learn a topic that you've always wondered about
  • An opportunity to ask about any editing technique in Adobe software or even alternative free software (even for iPhone photography)
  • We all grow best when we have a support system in place to share successes, kindly critique, and welcome new ideas!
  • Continued support via email to address any questions you may have after your session.